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World Masters Diplomacy 2002 Tournament

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  • World Masters Diplomacy 2002 Tournament

    It's started again. For those interested I thought that I would pass this text from and e-mail that I got from Ray Setzer along:

    "This is a team tournament, but individuals are encouraged to sign up and can then either find others to link up with, or the organizers will automatically form ad hoc teams before start.

    Pre tournament chat at
    go to the Worldmasters Forum. Registration needed to post but not to read. Tournament WWW site

    Signups open until November 25th. This looks to be a big tournament this time, guessing at least 50 teams.

    Rules and format have had a thorough scrubbing by a committee that worked all summer.
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    As with the Yahoo Dipworld tournament played earlier this year, I have a prior team commitment for these things, and will not be available to play for Apolyton. I do think it would be a good idea if you put together a team of the best/most reliable players.

    We had two teams last time around, and Apolyton II actually finished ahead of Aployton I. I know that Sahib has formed a team of his own, so he will not be avavaiable either.

    Still, with experienced players like (alphabetically to be diplomatic!) Boshko, CyberGnu, Defiant, Gerwald, orange, Orange_1, Snowfire, Thucydides, Victor Galis available, you guys should be able to find a group. maybe Berzerker can be dragged out of retirement? He always does well in tourneys.
    What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.


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      I believe I will play. Don't have the time to captain a team, if that involves extra committments, but I'll definitely play.
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        I'm certainly interested.
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