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    Originally posted by Gerwald
    I do not wish to waste anymore time or breath on this subject, Orange.
    Bull****. You've already wasted 12 paragraphs of your precious time on the subject and continue to do so now. Furthermore, and I'm just guessing here so correct me if I'm wrong, you'll continue to do so by responding to this post.

    I will not venture into OT to play your reindeer games. Not because I am scared, but because I have a life offline. Three kids, a loving wife of ten years, and a highly successful business.
    How's it feel to jerk off at a public forum? Is there anything else you'd like to add to this illustrious resume?

    My point is that there is no need for political viewpoints to be plastered like obnoxious billboards on our ID stamps.
    If the owners of this site don't have a problem with it, then there is nothing wrong with what I'm doing. If it so greatly offends you just leave. I can put up a soviet flag if I want to as my avatar and put "fuck the USA" as long as the owners don't mind.

    This ADC site is for diplomacy games.
    Even if I was to change my avatar and location field every time I posted in Stories and Dip, it wouldn't matter! The forum refreshes both avatar and location field whenever someone updates it. And if you think I'm going to change it just to appease some once in a while poster at a section of the site I post at once or twice a day, you're delusional and I would recommend professional help for your egotism, which you've already displayed in the opening of your post.

    You obviously feel that freedom of speech defends your poor taste.
    Freedom of speech defends a lot of things, regardless of what you may think. That's the whole point of it Do you need a civics lesson, Gerwald? Oh, obviously not, you're a corporate genius! How dare I even question you.

    Therefore, you must feel justified to misuse your ID stamp to let everyone else in ADC know your political viewpoints. I will not stoop to your level and force ADC members to see anything on my "avatar & location" except for its intended use. On this subject we will simply have to agree to disagree.
    Stoop to my level

    If you don't agree with what my avatar and location have to say, just say you don't agree. The avatar and location field doesn't have an 'intended use', it is used the way I use it everywhere on this can put what you want...and if it's a problem the site owners will do something about it.

    Write a formal complaint to Markos if you're so goddamn upset with it, but I've done nothing wrong so don't expect much action.

    If you ever feel like actually debating what you so honorably crusade in here on your high horse to defend, please meet me in the OT. I'm itching to wipe the floor with you on Iraq.
    "Chegitz, still angry about the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991?
    You provide no source. You PROVIDE NOTHING! And yet you want to destroy capitalism.. you criminal..." - Fez

    "I was hoping for a Communist utopia that would last forever." - Imran Siddiqui


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      Guys, can we take discussion this to e-mail ?
      What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.


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        What has this club turned into, we even get flamewars.


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          Originally posted by El Awrence
          What has this club turned into, we even get flamewars.
          Quiet you!

          Now, go find out what happened to Day of the Apocralypse Dip....
          What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.