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  • Anatomy of a game

    Hello and welcome to 'Anatomy of a Game' , where we will be posting all our Propaganda and insults here on this forum as we go along...

    Hopefully at the end we'll be posting a summary from each nation's standpoint and be posting all the behind the scenes negotiations between the countries to see just what kinds of double dealings have been going down!

    We've just started a new game and just played Spring 1901!

    "Lord of the Rings Quote No. 1

    "Fly, fly the enemy is upon us"

    Map enclosed.

    Britain heads NE.
    France heads E
    Germany heads every direction
    Russia heads south
    Turkey heads NW
    Italy heads E
    A-H heads S

    Obvious alliances, non-agression pacts, and perhaps some very early stabs.


    If you want to see the game map follow this LINK!
    Is it me, or is MOBIUS a horrible person?

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    Very cool. Mobius, please encourage these guys to try a game out here.
    What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.