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ADCT: Final Game, Winter 1900

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  • ADCT: Final Game, Winter 1900

    Apolyton Diplomacy Club Tournament: Final

    According to your luck, the different positions have been awarded in two simultaneous draws from two different hats, one with players, one with countries so as to make it 100% and by tripilicate random.

    All in all, many thanks to Mr SnowFire for letting me have a go at this too.

    GM: Hodad
    ICQ# 102139615


    Austria- Kaiser Defiant
    England- King Stefu
    France- President Ruffhaus
    Germany- Chancellor Orange1
    Italy- King Sahib
    Russia- Tsar Gerwald
    Turkey- Sultan Iain


    GM Notes
    Ok, so, considering this is turn one, we can have Spring 1901 in by December 7th I think that would be nice.

    Also, post contact info blah blah.

    Also, remember that ICQ is eating my messages, to I'd rather you send moves in via e-mail or PM, thank you.

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    *End Is Forever*
    AIM: Endisforever91

    I have *very* sporadic access to ICQ except over the Christmas period.
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      icq: 109943271
      "Life is like a bag of Revells - you're always searching for The Orange One"


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        Due to Tsar Gerwald's holiday in his cruise in the Black Sea, move submittal has been extended till December 15th.


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          Kaiser Defiant wants to first thank Lord Hoggy for GM'ing this game. Also wanted to apologize for my pushiness but I just didn't want this game to get forgotton.

          Now I want to wish every player a safe and happy game .

          Austria's relations office can be contacted at either:

          Good luck to all!
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            I'm France! Oh goody, I surrender! I surrender!

            Please contact me to discuss colloboration efforts at:

            AIM: RUFFHAUS8
            ICQ: 63418710
            What is best in life? Crush your enemy! See him driven before you. And to hear the lamentation of his women.


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              Ok, all units placed in Paris and Brest have been placed under the command of the Free French, whilst Ruffhaus controls only the A Mar as Vichy France.

              I need dibs for the Free French.


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                Tally-ho and pip pip, or something!

                England can be contacted on . I've avoided the wiles of ICQ.
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                  Italy? Good lord! :.(

                  The italian embassy is now open for talk. It can be reached here:


                  IMPORTANT: NO ICQ!! The italian embassy does NOT answer any ICQ messages about this game. ICQ is too unreliable, so DO NOT use it for any contact to me related to this game!!!!!

                  Finally, I want to let you know that I am a poor bastard and deserve your pity: in last years worldmasters I was Italy; in this years worldmasters I drew Germany in round one, Italy in round two, Austria in round three; in this years Yahoo tourny I drew Germany again and now Italy in this game. Pity me Pity me!!!!!! (How about giving me Mar and Tri to lessen my pain?)



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                    Originally posted by El Awrence
                    Ok, all units placed in Paris and Brest have been placed under the command of the Free French, whilst Ruffhaus controls only the A Mar as Vichy France.

                    I need dibs for the Free French.
                    Now now now, Erwin, don't go abusing your mod power... let me slip classified information to Stefu for you

                    (Just joking, of course, Ruffhaus... no harm intended)
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                      From Russia with love:

                      Fellow comrades, I am back from basking in the warm rays of sunny Florida. A very warm location in the south of the United States. The Vodka was lacking but plenty of beer to warm a Tsar's heart. Those nations who have spoken to me, I thank you for your patience as my embassy was under repairs for the winter. The Cossacks are ready, lets all have some fun, shall we?


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                        His apparent politeness and happy-go-luckyness makes him appear all the more vicious...


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                          Remember gentlemen (those naugthy ones who haven't turned moves in yet at least) moves due Friday.

                          *points menacingly at calendar*

                          That's two days left...

                          Tsar Gerwald, if you need an extension, give me a yell though.


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                            Can we have a deadline extension, please? I have a huge problem at work and just zero time for dipping. If at all possible, please set the deadline a little later!


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                              Ok, deadline extended till the 20th due to the Italian leadership being too tied down eating pasta, drinking wine and working.