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Tour Dip C Fall 1907 Results

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  • Tour Dip C Fall 1907 Results
    All I need is berzerker's builds, so winter result'll probably be up tonight.

    England (Coug) (0 builds)
    Eng C Lon - Bel
    Nth S Lon - Bel (support cut, unit dislodged, retreats to Edi)
    Lon - Bel (move fails)

    Germany (Defiant) (0 builds)
    1.A-Bel S A-Hol (support cut)
    2.A-Hol S A-Bel
    3.F-Ska > Nth
    4.F-Nor S F-Ska > Nth
    5.F-Bal > Den
    6.F-Kie S F-Bal > Den
    7.A-STp,Mos,War,Sil,Mun all Hold

    Russia (VIctor G) (0 builds)
    F Ank S Italian F Smy-Con (support cut)

    Austria (berzerker) (2 builds)
    A Sev > S Rum > Ukr
    A Rum > Ukr
    A Tyr > Boh
    A Ven > S Trie > Tyr
    A Nap > H
    A Trie > Tyr
    F Ion > Aeg
    F EMe > S Syr > Smy
    A Syr > Smy
    A Arm > Ank (move fails)
    A Con > S Arm > Ank (support cut)

    France (Chaz) (0 builds)
    1) F-Por> MAO
    2) A-Spa S A-Mar
    3) A-Mar HOLDS
    4) A-Par S A-Bre
    5) A-Bre HOLDS

    Italy (Talon) (0 builds)
    F Tun H
    F Smy->Con (move fails, unit dislodged and destroyed)

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    F Trie
    A Bud