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Tour Dip C 1907 Spring Results

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  • Tour Dip C 1907 Spring Results
    Fall orders due thursday

    Italy (Talon)
    F TUn ->Ion (move fails)
    F Smy H

    England (Coug)
    F Nth C A Lon - Den
    A Lon - Den (move fails)
    F Mao - Eng

    France (Chaz)
    1) F-Spa> Por
    2) A-Mar S A-Gas> Spa
    3) A-Gas> Spa
    4) A-Bre Holds
    5) A-Par Holds

    Austria (berzerker)
    A Sev > Arm
    A Rum > Sev
    A Ser > Rum
    A Bul > Con
    A Gre > C Syr
    F Ion > C Gre > Syr
    F EMe > C Gre > Syr
    A Nap > H
    A Rom > Ven
    A Ven > Trie
    A Pied > Tyr

    Germany (Defiant)
    1.A-War > Sil
    2.A-Mos > War
    3.A-Stp > Mos
    4.A-Nor > Stp
    5.F-Swe > Nor
    6.F-Ska S F-Swe > Nor
    7.F-Ber > Bal
    8.F-Kiel > Den(move fails)
    9.A-Mun > Hold
    10.A-Bel S A-Hol
    11.A-Hol S A-Bel

    Russia (Victor G.)
    F Bla-Ank

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    Concerning the Turk fleet, the move list has it in Ankara, the map has it in the Black Sea - I hope the move list is right


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      yup, it should be in ank
      and it's russian not turkish