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The Age of Imperialism Part II

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  • The Age of Imperialism Part II

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    October, 1885

    -Wargames continue near Strasburg.
    -Warships recalled from Sweden until independent investigation concluded.
    -Colonial forces defeat native savages near Windhoek.

    To Argentina:
    We will dispatch our own investigators to look into the Swedish claims.

    To the Ottoman Empire:
    An alliance of some sort would please us.

    To Austria:
    How is your Balkan campaign proceeding?

    To the United States:
    How proceeds your operation to spread civilization to the Mexican savages?

    To France:
    We understand and sympathize greatly with your need to help the Swedish. We do, however, greatly protest the reinstitution of the 1812 Conscription Law. We see this as yet another example of growing French militancy and aggression. Aggression which can only be aimed at your neighbors.

    To Spain and Britain:
    We would find such and alliance very beneficial. The Iron Chancellor doubts the ability of Spain to defend Germany against Russia and he wonders what good British battleships will be against Cossacks. For the time being, the Chancellor has set aside his doubts and will join in such a noble effort, though we will not enter into an alliance with France.


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      To: Germany

      We understand your fears. Our main armies have headed to the front while the conscripts are being trained and kept home for defense, they only number 3/4 as strong as our full army.

      Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
      Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
      The more you know, the more you realize you dont know - Shep


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        Work on the New Hague-Pretoria railroad is going along nicely and right on schedule. Construction has also begun on a new leg of the railroad, to run from Bloemfontein to Pretoria. This will connect the 3 great cities of Orania-the capitals of the former Transvaal and Orange Free State, and the new port city founded a few months ago. Work has also started on a new railroad to connect the newly discovered gold fields to the rest of the rail network and to make it easier for prospectors to reach the mines.

        The Congress of Orania has placed a 1 year moratorium on taxing gold refineries owned by Oranians. This move will hopefully encourage not only the export of gold but the export of gold products, which will bring more money into the Oranian economy.

        The Oranian government has purchased 3 ships, which will be refitted and then used to bring immigrants to the country. Tickets for the ships will have much lower prices then the standard ship, because the government does not need to run a profit, only to maintain the ships.
        The establishment of a Hebrew government and the implementation of its plans - this is the sole way of rescuing our people, salvaging our existence and our honor. We will follow this path, for there is no other. We will fight! Every Jew in our homeland will fight!


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          To Britain:
          We have spoken with the US, and just await your consent to begin our operations in South America. As included in this deal, we will be helping to construct a canal through Central America, which will be very beneficial to both our economies.

          To Germany:
          A united show of force against Russia shall be a great detterent. If Russia attacks one of us, she will have to face all three, and this will make her think twice. Granted, it is not going to increase your army, unless we were to deploy a corps of troops to your are. Perhaps that is an idea, creating a pan-European Corps with one division of each British, German, and Spaish soldiers. ALthough the details would have to be worked out, Spain would not object to overall German control of this corps, and a pan-European Army.

          OOC: Is the mod controlling NPC's?
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            To RUSSIA:
            although we wish to help you, and thank you for your suport, we cannot for we cannot afford a war against Europe at the moment.
            However, we thank you for your co-operation.
            ***end of secret***

            To ALL NATIONS:
            The Swedish claims are a conspiracy! The Argentine government does not seel dead beef! Only live cows! Therefore, the beef was mislabelled by the plotting Swedes!


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              To Germany: Shall we work something out?

              To the nations of the world: The emperor is taking a break from his duties and will be back in 2 days time. He is going to an undisclosed location.
              ooc:Leaving for a dasy or two. I'm leaving everything in the control of BD.


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                The woods were lighted with fire and men's shouts and yells broke the midnight darkness in the woods of northern Sweden. The Russian commander screamed at his men to return the Swedish fire. Commandant Raul Jenson raised a pistold and fired one shot knocking the Russian commander on his back. The poorly trained Russian soldiers were no match for the well trained Swedes. With cries of fear the Russians retreated from the scene. All over Sweden the same scene continued.

                In northern Norway, Sami(Lapp) militia attacked the Russians driving them back. In one night alone over 50 miles of territory was regained from the Russian forces. King Gustaf V Adolf has called for mobilization of the Royal Swedish Army to 200,000 soldiers. Training facilities are being set up to make room to train the mass reserves.

                To All - We are willing to allow an international investigation on the Argentine beef matter. We hope that this will proove that we are not lying.


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                  The Fall Of Mexico!

                  (OOC: This has been awhile now. Remember the last time the US and Mexico went to war- the Mexican government gave up fairly early- it didn't even last a year. And according to BT- Mexico is a kleptocracy now. Keep in mind also that Mexican troops are crappy, poorly trained, and have bad weapons. Anyway, for a summary of the campaign):

                  IC: The Campaign went fairly Quickly for the Americans. The Mexicans, with their outdated weapons and inferior weapons were no match for Superior American troops. Furthermore, the Mexican Government was a ultra-corrupt Kleptocracy at this time The only thing the Mexicans had were numbers, but the American Armies soon made short work of that fact. The Mexican Generals decided to copy the tactics of another General who both faced the US and Hopeless odds- Gen. Robert E. Lee, and the Mexicans attempted many risky flanking attacks. However, Mexican generals lacked the experties of Lee- just as Mexican officers lacked the skill of their Confederate Counterparts. And thus, the Mexican Attacks on the American invaders were always poorly planned and poorly executed- leading often to disaster for the Mexican forces- who were driven back across their homeland. The Northernmost provinces were soon conqured and the Americans moved on from there. The war would see one More Amphibious assault, this time on Mexico's East Coast. At the battle of Nautla, the United States landed a force of marines behind the Mexican Line, and inflicted Brutal Casulties on the Mexicans there, and the United States proceeded to move Southward all over the line. As the troops reached Mexico City, the United States plunges South of the City, taking Cuernvaca, Yutapec, Atlixo, and Puebla. The Mexicans, in a last-ditch, desperate assault Moved North. However, there numbers were not able to defeat the Americans main line, and the American Rifles were so advanced that it would require much greater number to get past the American Earthworks. The US then attacked from all sides, and Captured Mexico City. The hopeless Mexicans gave up, and a treaty of surrender was signed, giving control of Mexico and her Armed Forces to the United States.


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                    20.000 Portugese troops arrive in Sweden. The troops have been training since the murder of the Swedish king was knows. The two nations have signed an alliance and will cooperate fully in this war. The Portugese fleet have joined the Swedish fleet in the Gulf of Bothnia. Furhtermore, the Portugese troops, led by the brilliant tactician Alexandre Serpa Pinto, the Portugese troops have already entered the fights against Russian troops. The results so far has been devastating for the Russians.

                    Also, more troops have been ordered in Portugal and Portugese colonies. It is expected that the training should be completed within 3-5 months.
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                      OOC: Riiiiiight, Russians run whenever they see the slightest hint of the enemy. Sorry Bearcat these aren't the same Russian soldiers, these guys democratically elected their government and they have a certain loyalty to their government they wouldn't have IRL. So I highly doubt Russian retreats when they out number your troops five to one. At most you could maybe stop me at a couple places but that wouldn't last because I would overwhelm you.
                      Coug, thats right you moved 20,000 troops on a whim, what with the huge transport capacity of the Portegeuse navy. Give me a break, it takes time to move troops and you couldn't have moved a battalion let alone 20,000 troops.

                      I'll post IC later
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                        OOC - Yadda yadda Bolo I'm ignoring you!! I don't care what you say. Russsian troops were not the best trained in Europe. And if your training isn't very good than your troops won't have the best morale. So YEEEAH!! Anyway that's why I only said 50 miles. Otherwise I would of got *****ed at royal.


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                          OOC: Bolo, he might be able to do that, though only in some areas. You have to remember that he has the home advantage and also better training. When did you become democratic anyway?


                          First of the French ships arrive at Sweden

                          The first of the ships sent to aid Sweden have landed on the Western coasts. The fleet has taken up a defensive position and the men are being disembarked. Two more such trips are needed to transport all the men to the area.

                          Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
                          Almighty ruler and Resident God!!
                          The more you know, the more you realize you dont know - Shep


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                            OOC: Bolo, you are right, some do have more loyalty, but also some have less. Remember some were very loyal to the Tsarist regime. So your military would have to be downgraded in number if you wanted only loyal troops.


                            A naval squadron has been dispatched to the Med. Sea with a few freighters carrying an unknown supply.

                            OOC: OK, the next thing I wanna do is to give China weapons and have them give me Hong Kong, I know not what happened in IRL, but would this be OK or would I have to conquer it? (yes, this question is for the mod)
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                              To: Germany and Spain
                              From: Britain

                              I'm glad we can come to an understanding here. We too would like to contain Russia's aggression.


                              OOC: I'm not too great about Britain's history of the time, so if this was already done, ignore it.

                              IC: Her Majesty today announced a new policy for India. The Viceroy of India will rule together with an elected Indian governor. Indians will have the right to vote for the governor and a selected House of Commons for India.
                              Who wants DVDs? Good prices! I swear!