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Dip 21 Fall 2006 Results

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  • Dip 21 Fall 2006 Results

    builds due Saturday

    The Alpine Kingdom aka France-nearly-in-exile (Defiant) (0 builds)
    1.A-Als > Mun
    2.A-Swi S A-Als > Mun
    3.A-Mil > Hold
    4.F-Mon > Mar (move fails)
    5.A-Lyo S F-Mon > Mar (support cut)

    Austria-Hungary aka Ukraine-nearly-in-exile (Talon) (2 disbands)
    A Cze H (unit dislodged, retreats to Slo)
    A Aus S A Cze H
    A Ser->Cro
    A Rum->Ode (move fails, unit dislodged, can retreat to Mol, Bul, Ser. or Hun)
    A Hun->Pod
    F WBS S A Rum->Ode (support cut)
    F Isr S Egyptian A Ank
    A Don->Vol (move fails)

    Russia (dan.te) (3 builds)
    F: BER hold
    F: PRU supporting F: BER
    A: SIL supporting A: (german) KRA - CZE
    A: WAR - BIE
    A: CRP - VOL
    A: KHA supporting A: CRP - VOL
    F: EBS - ROS
    A: GEO supporting F: EBS - ROS
    A: ARM supporting A: GEO (support cut)
    F: SEV - WBS (move fails)
    A: ODE supporting A: POD - RUM
    A: POD - RUM
    A: KIE supporting A: ODE

    Greater Czechland aka Germany-nearly-in-exile (Mao) (0 builds)
    A Kra-Cze
    A Fra-Mun (move fails)
    A Sax S Kra-Cze

    Spain (hacksaw) (1 build)
    A Auv-Mar
    F Lig-S A Auv-Mar
    A Bar-Auv
    all others hold

    Italy (Spartan) (1 disband, Italy dies)
    A Ven H (unit dislodged)

    Egypt (Kropotkin) (3 usable builds)
    F apu->ven
    A rom S F apu->ven
    F tys S A rom H
    F mal S F tys H
    F gre S F(ukraine) ist
    A ank H
    A irn->arm (move fails)
    A ana S A ank H
    A isr->ada (convoeyd)
    F eme C A isr->ada

    England (Sahib) (2 builds)
    F MAO H
    F Bor H
    F BHM - BAL
    F Den - Swe
    F Ham - BHM
    F NTH - NWG
    A Par - Lyo (move fails)
    A Pic - Als
    A Bel - Ruh
    F Hel - Ham

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    This is a decleration of war!

    The evil attack from the english forces can't be ignored. I will strike against this fish-eyed bastards. And I will burn down this doomed island. Fear the power of the russian bear, sahib!



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      I agree, I pledge my four rowboats in the assault on the very bad English.
      Lets always remember the passangers on United Flight 93, true heroes in every sense of the word!

      (Quick! Someone! Anyone! Sava! Come help! )-mrmitchell


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        Welcome Defiant,
        let's start the agression!!!

        Come and join!!!

        Everybody is welcome!!!

        Let's kick some english asses!!!

        Fun garanteed !!!




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            Im back!

            I read somewhere that you are waiting for my builds, so:
            A Edi
            A Lon

            England warns the russian empire to continue its aggresive behaviour in europe. It is totally unacceptable for the free englishmen to let the red wave roll over Ucraine and Turkey. Only a joint operation of all free forces of the world can stop the russian juggernaut now, lest we all want to be assimilated!