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  • Upcoming WW1-Scenario

    *EDIT* As most of my questions has been answered, I have now removed this text. This thread is now proclaimed the official "Caiser: The conquest of nothing"-thread.

    Info coming soon
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    If you're putting the turks in, what about Gallipolli and the Arab revolt?


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      Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think those two events affected the war as much as the Russian Revolution =\

      But hey, ok, let's add them too, but I still need to know how I should recreate them and the russian revolution. Maybe by using barbarians? Help!

      Come on, everyone's reading the thread but noone seems to be interested in posting
      It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.


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        Mike Jeszenkas excellent 2nd Reich scenario used a separate civilizations for the Bolsheviks that possessed only one isolated city and played no role in the war until 1917, when they start receiving incredibly tough units via the events to conquer Russia.
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          Thanks our_man ,

          Dennis, your approach to the russian revolution should reflect on whether or not the civ will be human controlled or not. If either is a possibility so I'd do 2 things, both require heavy use of the events.txt file. If the Central Powers was the human player, events would be giving Russia many troops so make them a threat. Usually I use events to dictate AI actions because the civ2 AI always proves tactically inept. When the revolution occurs you could load a new events files that won't give have the createunit actions for Russia, depriving them of resistence. And like I did, use events to create super communist soldiers to eradicate the Menshevicks.

          If Russia is a human player, the part about free units from events is unecessary and should be avoided. The human mind is much more tactically adept than the AI. He will be making wise city production decisions in marshalling his armies. As long as the human is able to produce units, he has a chance at beating off the super commies. So how do you stop it? Create disorder! Make the Russian player unable to build happy improvements, but give them all happy wonders (Michaelangelo, Bach, Hanging Gardens...) to componensate. Come time for revolution, use events to give Russia a technology that makes all these wonders obsolute. Almost every city should erupt in instant revolt and while a city is in unrest it will be unable to build troops. This will trap the human player in a hopeless situation and he will be unable to participate in foreign wars with so much domestic disturbance. Sooner or later Vladimir will emerge victorious.
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            Okay, thanks for those ideas folks

            I was thinking about using nemo-cities in the scenario, but I realized that he hasn't made any arab styled cities so I decided to make my own.

            Now, however, I've changed my mind and will probably (try to) make all of the city graphics myself
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