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  • Mercator's do-it-yourself map kit

    I have a problem. I haven't done any civing, mapmaking or updating my website, lately (I know, it's a shame). But I have quite a few maps (6 to be precise) of which the land/ocean distinction is done (so "only" the terrains and rivers have to be added). There is hardly any chance these maps will get done anytime soon, so here's what I thought. Maybe I could post these half-finished maps as they are now, or perhaps someone else (or more than one person) can finish them for me. Any thoughts or volunteers?

    By the way, those six maps are:
    - A large map of Europe (which should probably be extended just a tad, making it oversized)
    - An oversized map of Asia
    - An oversized map of the Earth (Miller's projection)
    - A gigantic version of Earth (again Miller's projection). By the way, the creation of this map started before anyone knew about gigantic maps. It is compiled from three oversized maps which were supposed to be linked together using Civ2:ToT. Those were the maps I made for the MLWMP (Multi-Linked World Map Project), which was supposed to be the basis for several huge world-scale scenarios (e.g. WWII).
    - An oversized map of Arda (J.R.R. Tolkien's world, i.e. the entire globe, not just the northwest of Middle-earth)
    - A gigantic version of Arda
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    I would be intersted to look at your two world maps.
    The oversized and the gigantic one. I cannot promise to finish them, though. But I shall give it a try.
    My e-mail is on my profile.

    Oh Man, when will you understand that your greatness lies in your failure - Goethe
    Oh Man, when will you understand that your greatness lies in your failure - Goethe