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  • "Alba de America"

    This looks like a fascinating and innovative scenario; however, it is quite difficult at the same time.

    Are there any strategy hints out there that might help me conquer the New World? Seems like 1) your economy is just piss-poor from the start. 2) You have few cities at the start of the game. 3) There are just so many Aztec units, etc.

    Seems like building "immigrations" and conquering the Aztecs to get the economy rolling are big keys here, but it is hard to build momentum starting off from such a weak base.

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    I played the scenario a few times and I'm gonna give a few advices that they work really good with me.

    first of all try to conquer the mayas because they are really easy and the give you a few cities (not with a lot of production, though) before the aztecs get a few of the independent tribes.

    Also use the cannons and go along the cost of south america conquering all the coastals cities, and put your cannon in your ship again, i didn't lose any city that way, until I reach the incas,

    *important one, the cannons attacking with two thirds of their strenght (if you move them with a street) are able to kill any defensive unit of the aztecs or incas,

    trade, trade and trade, even when I didn't do that,

    I didn't worry about new technologies but I guess that they were really important.

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