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EMofTH beta soon to be relesed (newsthread)

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  • EMofTH beta soon to be relesed (newsthread)

    Basically everything is done with my scen "Empire of Thessalonike" (or EmofTH), although i am *still* thinking of making a couple more special leader units. atm there are only two, Marco Sanudo (venetian naval unit) and Asen Tich (bulgarian emperor). Special units are a nice way to make progress in otherwise impossible situations, but my scen probably isnt very special-unit friendly, due to the history of the Empire of Thessalonike, and the region in the 13th-14th centuries.

    So what remains is that i find out how to make a workable title.gif (share the info ) and not much else... here is a preview of my nice units

    I would like to thank everyone for their support, and mostly Mathias, whose "DAROE" was my main inspiration. However Heresson's "Fading Lights" was easily the second biggest inspiration

    more info about the scen will follow when i have the link for the dl

    (watch the thread for an update on the release, in my estimate it will be tommorrow or something like that)
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    in the end i just had to make the 'Theodoros' (Theodore I, of Epiros) unit, since without it it is virtually impossible to do much. So here he is, to the left of mr. Tich Asen, having that very distinctive basically-i-am-built-from-leftovers-from-other-units look + spartan looking shield!

    (ps: someone share your knowledge about title.gifs!)
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