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Farewell: I'm leaving for some months....

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    Re: Re: Farewell: I'm leaving for some months....

    Originally posted by Justinianum

    When you'll be back you'll find my ultimate ww2 scenario: every day covered, 184 event files, 350 mb of sounds and a discount ticket for purchasing a REAL Panzerkampfwagen VI Königstiger
    OMG! When can we excpect the release?

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      Re: Re: Re: Farewell: I'm leaving for some months....

      Originally posted by Arthedain

      OMG! When can we excpect the release?

      Ehm, actually I'm quite short of panzers at the moment

      But I'm really working on a ww2 scenario: it will come in 5 parts (one for every year till 1945) and I'm next to release the first one. I'll post a thread with some screenshots


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        Originally posted by yaroslav
        Did you recieve my email one month ago or so with the german and italian translations for Civ2Dip? I'm gonna publish Civ2Dip 3.0 just before leaving
        one MONTH ago?? Wow I should really check my E-Mails more regularly. Ok I will immediately look into my E-Mail account. Hmm regarding the long timeframe I'm expecting around 200 Mails into my account full with penis-enlargement offers and reduce your debts

        I will contact you immediately after I checked my Mails
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          Well, guys, after all I'm here again MUCH before than I expected. I'm living in Madrid, in a flat for me alone, but I'm still sutcked with dial-up in this flat. Let's hope I'll get a better connection in the months to come.
          Trying to rehabilitateh and contribuing again to the civ-community


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            Good to have you back! Has Justinianum driven over in his new tank?

            : dance : : party : : ana : (a low gfx celebration)
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