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SOVIET STEEL II - The Red Rage Returns!

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  • So is this ready?

    Thing is that i was away for allmost 8 weeks and had completely forgotten about this one.The link provided leads to a beta version, doesn't it not?
    "Military training has three purposes: 1)To save ourselves from becoming subjects to others, 2)to win for our own city a possition of leadership, exercised for the benefit of others and 3)to exercise the rule of a master over those who deserve to be treated as slaves."-Aristotle, The Politics, Book VII

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    • I think it is done!

      I just never announced it -

      Once the overall thing has been given a once over, and I make nay minor changes,
      I'll close this thread and post a link to my pages on CDG.


      • Hi Curt, I had a go at this while I was on holidays. Some observations I made playing as the Soviets:

        - both Krasnovodsk and Alma-Ata start off starving
        - it's very difficult to tell the Soviet and Eastern civilization units apart as they have the same shield for several units
        - the tech anti-USSR Propaganda can be traded. I suggest making it a "no, no" tech
        - I think the same is also true for the other propaganda techs
        - The JS-2 is the only Soviet tank without the Pikemen flag; is this intentional?
        - it's not as hard as the first version (by turn 2 I had captured Poznan, Breslau, Gdansk, Berlin, Hamburg, Stettin and Stockholm in Europe).

        I also had a go at Dictator v3 as the Germans. I really, really enjoyed this scenario. Despite taking the UK by turn 15, the British Empire remained quite a threat, devastating my forces in North Africa for some time with their Lancaster Bombers. My allies, the Japanese, proved quite dangerous in some aspects, advancing far into Siberia and India before my soldiers arrived to take the rest. But then again, they couldn't capture Manila, despite bombing it into the stone age.

        The only suggestion I'd make with regard to this one is to reduce the maximum no. of turns from 120 to 60 - it's too easy to get all the objectives with that much time. 60 turns would make it a lot tighter, at least from my playing experience.

        Great work Curt, keep them coming!
        STDs are like pokemon... you gotta catch them ALL!!!


        • @our_man:

          Cheers, mate!
          I'll take note of those changes/edits -

          I plan to post the very final release version of SovSteel-II soon, along with Bitterfrost-ToT...

          As for Dictator-3 - I might do a little units/icons/scen update soon!