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  • Sieges/combat for newbie

    What does the numbers in Sieges represent ?

    The values in the circles represent Attackers Siege Strength (left)
    and Defenders Siege Defence (right).

    Highest present Leaders siege value +X
    No Artillery at all -1
    Artillery outnumbering Fortress Level
    20:1 +1
    30:1 +3

    Siege Defence
    Fortress Level +X
    Rough Terrain (other then Plains) +2

    i believe the their is further minus to the defense due to breachs in
    the walls,but cannot find it in the database.This explains the large minus
    numbers somtimes shown after a lengthy siege.i think each month has a %
    to breach walls,which gives a + to assaults.Its mentioned in your save
    game files as a +modifier if your in a siege.

    As a side note if youve not looked at Land.csv, do so, it explains the%
    gains per tech advance for inf/cav/art combat modifiers.See also naval.
    csv. and the crt table for how casualties are inflicted.

    If you know this already then ignore me, but to achieve more victorys
    at less cost you may want to have several armies attack a few days apart,
    when you invade, this allows the advance guard to engage and wear down
    morale,then as main body arrives your morale is averaged out,and gives
    you a better chance of victory,rememberthis works on land and sea,for
    field battle and siege.