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    this scares me because neverwinter NIghts still has one crucial patch they need to release. They haven't released one for a while. NWN was released by Inforgrames after bioware severed from their normal publisher.

    If anyone playes NWN they have an armour bug crash. I was playing a multiplayer game with 5 other people. It was the amulet of Zeron module. It's a dungeon crawl. But he has it scripted that when you die your armour and everything else is removed from your body. This is a problem because if any arrow shooting monsters stick arrows into your amour. The game will crash when the armour is removed.

    Well the problem is I can change the remove armour. but we won't be able to continue from our save game. We'd have to restart.

    The armour bug needs to be fixed


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      Originally posted by Alexnm

      They did not program the game... But they may have forced Firaxis to release the game before it was properly tested.

      I know that I was merely suggesting that by bashing on Firaxis some were beshing the wrong people

      So long...
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        The thing with Firaxis and Infograms that is frustrating is even after another year to get MP right, it still got only a 5.0 rating on a strategy game that received a 9.2 or something. I am not sure who to blame but Civ III was just plain bad and I am not sure with the direction they took how much more time they would have needed to get both SP and MP right.
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