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    Me too when it arrives in England, if I can tear myself away from HoI and MoO3.
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      Not too much role-playing at the moment that I have seen, although with guilds being brought back soon and player-run governments on the list of "things to do" for the developers, this situation should change.

      It should also prove interesting to see how the Krythan Inception server pans out, being a non-PvP server. Will it become a role-playing heaven, or a vulture heaven?

      There is a Pay-to-play version of Dransik, based upon the previous Dransik beta version. And people are actually paying for this game even with this type of graphics.
      (This picture is probably from night-time ingame, so its kinda dark)
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        Mhh I just finsihed this SwordQuest and now Im not sure wheter to stick to the Axe or to choose the Way of the Sword
        Is Quickslying more Important than High Damage?
        Also Maces are quicker tahn Axes and still have great Damage Potential.. but they Lack Really Good Models later on I saw.
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          The skull-crusher is a fairly good mace. I'm not sure just how good they are, as you need level 15 in blunt weapons just to equip it. Axes are also pretty good (although the best axes, like the Vorpal Axe) are only available on Pay to Play. Swords are the best bet, for the sole reason that there are more sword types available to choose from, and they actually have much better models as well.

          For sword-skill under level 15, it is recommended to be using a gold sabre as it swings faster, therefore hits more often. A broadsword does more damage but is less accurate, so for lower-level people it ends up doing less damage. After reaching level 15 in swords, though, a broadsword is the way to go. Higher damage is generally better, as fighting costs stamina and hitting someone once for 100 points is much better than hitting them 10 times for 10 points each, all things being equal.

          Above the broadsword are the + swords, imaginativly named the +1 sword, +2 sword... up to the +5 sword. These rare swords are very nice.
          I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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            This looks a lot like runescape... ever played it?

            I'll give this a try.
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