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Legend of the Red Dragon

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  • Legend of the Red Dragon

    Did anyone here play this old BBS-RPG game?

    Did any of you defeat the Red Dragon?

    I remember playing it in 1995-1997 or something of that sort, give or take a year, and inventing the concept of "clans" I think I was level 11 and I created the (DC) clan, then, within a month, the board was overrun with people sporting names such as DarkCloud (DC) or Rainstar (XC) or Jamman (DC)

    We had a few clan wars, then the board shut us down

    After that I ran a for-hire assassin job... I made a little bit of money that way

    Although with the demise of BBSes I have only found 1 website (on the net) which still has LORD and it has a backlog of players... Does anyone know of any net-LORD locations?
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