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    Recently, I came across Trade Empires for $15.00, that's about 1/2 what it usually goes for. I snapped it up, having waited for months for the price to drop down to the reasonable level.

    It's kinda like Railroad Tycoon II...only not as good.

    I recommend you spend your money on something else.

  • #2 shoulda read PC Gamer before wasting $15
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      Okay then, I recommend you spend your money on a subscription to PC gamer.


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        I was expecting something better from Frog City after Imperialism. Oh well...


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          On the whole, I think economic games such as Trade Empires are much harder to make realistic and interesting than are war games such as Imperialism.


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            It would certainly seem that this company found it to be so. Then again, Patrician II was a big hit in Germany apparently, so perhaps some games just aren't written with the US/UK strategy player in mind? I certainly find some popular German boardgames brilliant and others just mind numbingly tedious.
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              I really wanted to like trade empires but it just didn't quite work for me.
              The game itself seems fairly sound but i struggled with the interface. There's alot of micromanagement and the routes, goods and traders weren't easily identifiable as in Railroad Tycoon. I spent too long trying to work out who was doing what and trying to see who was making money was a whole new task.
              Maybe i'll go back to it as there seems to be a very detailed game in there if i can make the effort. There's a small but dedicated number of fans on the eidos forums so it must be doing something right ?
              On the plus side the support and feedback from frog city on the board is an example of how to keep your fans happy and informed.