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Does anyone remember this?

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  • Locutus
    Pah! That's a question any true Civ-fan should be able to answer at anytime, anywhere Civ1 had the following civs:

    1. Romans (Ceasar, white)
    2. Russian (Stalin, white)
    3. Greeks (Alexander, purple)
    4. English (Elizabeth, purple)
    5. Germans (Frederick, dark blue) (originally this was supposed to be the Turks (Suleyman) but they were replaced with the Germans very late apparently, my manual still mentions the Turks)
    6. French (Napoleon, dark blue)
    7. Egyptians (Ramesses, yellow)
    8. Aztec (Montezuma, yellow)
    9. Babylonians (Hammurabi, green)
    10. Zulu (Shaka, green)
    11. Indians (M. Gandhi, grey)
    12. Mongols (Genghis Khan, grey)
    13. Chinese (Mao Tse Tung light blue)
    14. Americans (Abe Lincoln, light blue)

    (15. Barbarians (Attila, red))

    It also had the following 'reserve' civs (weren't used in the game but their names can be found in the exe):

    Persian (Xerxes)
    Muslim (Saladin)
    Hittite (Suppiluliumas)

    I even got the spelling of the leader names correctly (I didn't bother to check but I'm certain of it ). And to think I haven't played for at least 10 months...

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  • Juggler
    There were 14 civs (I think).
    2 civs for each of the 7 colours + the red barbarians (I guess they don't count as a civ)

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  • Adagio
    started a topic Does anyone remember this?

    Does anyone remember this?

    Does anyone remember how many civs there were in the first Civ game?