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Which games are you going to buy by the end of 2000

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    I may buy some old games -- they're cheaper, especially at CompUSA or Costco, and I can always research the internet to see if they're good and if people are still playing them. Games I'm considering as a Christmas present to myself are:

    Rollercoaster Tycoon
    Sid Meier's Gettysburg/Antietam set
    Alpha Centauri

    If you have any personal experience with any of these games, I'd like to read your impressions.


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      Originally posted by Steve Clark on 09-29-2000 10:35 AM
      Let the little boys play with their Stars and console games, real men play Combat Mission.

      Been there, seen that . If you have seen games with more complicated rules than Advanced Squad Leader and Starfleet Battles, let me know

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        You gonads or whatever you call yourselves make me wanna puke


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          Buy the Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack - it includes Apha Centauri and Crossfire, plus the guide. This game is complex and awesome! A classic!

          Sid Meier's Gettysburg/Antietam: Another classic! You can find many, many new free scenarios, strategy guides, etc for both games on the web, including a mod that changes Gettysburg from the Civil War to the Battle of Waterloo.

          These games are worth investing your time to play. They take longer to learn how to play well, but their depth of play will keep you coming back for more...

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            Originally posted by Sophanthro on 09-29-2000 03:11 AM
            CTP2 (bug free -- and Im the first in line)

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            WHy do you say "bug free"?

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              Well Im a little worried considering the amount of bugs when they released CTP. I like the general concepts and if they execute them properly then It's definitely going to be an early Christmas present to myself.
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                there is alot of hype regarding CTP2 , we shall see i guess. My friends didn't like the first one too much and either did i. It didnt' have that civ feeling to me


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                  Probably none... I have too many games as is

                  Especially since I can't function without at least 2 hours of civ per day

                  Not to mention an hour of d2 and half an hour of red alert...

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                    Europa Universalis
                    Warlords: Battlecry!
                    Heroes III: Complete

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                      Damn add Europa-Universalis to that list.

                      They better get an American publisher soon.

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                        Red Alert 2
                        Half-Life Platinum Edition

                        problem is I'll only buy one... and they all come out in a matter of days...


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                          Red alert too is coming I've got the platinum reserved, if only I had a dvd to play that making of disc...

                          I picked up zeus, its ok, a lot easier than pharaoh, but the agoras still suck.


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                            And what about Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion? Best RTS ever, one of the best overall games.

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                              I might buy Fifa 2001 if it works on my computer


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                                I will buy "Play the game vol.3"