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    Urban Ranger. I am disappointed Age of Wonders didn't find a bigger audience. It is a great game.

    The campaign setup is progressive. You start with 3 spheres and then go to 5 and finally 7 as you work your way through the campaign. You pick your spheres as you go. Also your leader/heroes are limited to maximum levels in the campaign to prevent people from just hanging on level building. It keeps the campaigns balanced. Usually your leader/heroes can advance 3 levels per scenario topping out at level 30.

    There are several pbem gamers and mp players. You can find them at

    Which is now the official forum. Several of the game designers frequent the board and the main writer is an avid pbem player. There are also some great user maps that take advantage of some cool tricks to make for some challenging single player games.

    One of the best is a Lord of the Rings scenario. (Doesn't every game with an editor have LoTR) But there are hundreds of user maps and also mod called Warlock's Rules that adds some new units and adjusts some of the costs and stats of most of the units. It was the result of about a months worth of discussion among some of the avid players.

    Anyway, it is a great game. Too bad the manual left some people wanting. There is a manual addendum available as well for downloading with all the stats and spell details.
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      Many thanks Frogman!

      After you mentioned it I have just noticed that AoW has an editor . Yes, I understand what you mean by level building. My leader got to level 7 in the first scenario
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