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    You reappear in town anyhow. Is magic...
    *grumbles about work*


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      Originally posted by Father Beast on 09-30-2000 07:27 PM
      How about the Paladin?

      Put 3 into Zeal: A great primary attack. Only 2 mana cost. You do NOT want more than 3-4 into this because you will not be able to run away while you are hitting, and you do not attack new monsters that come near you once you have already started hitting.

      Max out Concentration: This is my primary aura, I deal around 400% normal damage with it.

      Put 10+ in charge and thorns: Thorns are great for melee if you have lots of life, charge is good for bosses, big guys (thorned hulk), is great for killing diablo's mages, and only costs 9 mana.

      Put 1 into salvation. You may need it when your resistances are lowever by 50 in hell.

      Dont put ANY into Holy freeze/fire/lighting. Even when maxed out, they will do NADA to the guys in late nightmare/hell.

      The above 5 spells/auras are all you should need. period.

      Use a socket shield with 3 perfect (if you can) diamonds in them to get ~ 50% resist all. Use a 1 handed sword with life steal. Knockback and cold damage help if you are using zeal.