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  • RollerCoasterTycoon

    So..... are there any RCT nuts here?

    *raises hand*

    What do you think of the new expansion pack? Any general thoughs about the game? Any out of topic posts?

    Please respond.....

    *grumbles about work*

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    I picked up the new x when i found out it had the 1st x.

    Ill play it sometime but maps take at least 3 hours for a 3 year thing and theres lots of days when I would be needing money but above the required level to win so I would just let it play for a couple hours. It got boring.

    My typical way of playing through most of the original maps were jack up the loan to 20k, spend most of all of it, raise entrance fees, make everything free, place lots of food courts and non coaster rides and food courts, all by july first year. Then let it set until i could pay off the 20k and build some more coasters.

    It got lame. I've tried the icebergs map on the new x but i cant beat it I play with free rides and high enterance fees but with free enterance I'm screwed I dont kow hwo to play with ride costs only.


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      Hmm.... How interesting.

      I always played with the "everything has a cost" strategy and couldn't figure out the entrance-only startegy, which was difficult for me. So the Icebergs scenario wasn't that tough.

      Have you tried the third scenario? Infinate money.... and people were clammoring for a sandbox mode...
      *grumbles about work*


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        i made a 38.65 intensity steel twister on that map
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          The "new" expansion pack? Is there another one? I bought the expansion pack, but that was quite some time ago... Did they make another? Is it nice? Is it worth the money you have to pay for it?

          I like RCT, I still play it off and on..


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            I think there's only the Corkscrew Follies expansion pack. What I don't like about it is that it obliterates your ability to go back and play the original scenarios, and those were better than the scenarios in the expansion pack.

            My original stategy was to have free rides and to offset that with higher prices for admission. However, once I started charging for both rides and admissions, my revenues skyrocketted.


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              No theres 2 Loopy landscapes comes with Corkscrew follies on the same disc tho.

              And no it doesn't obliterate your ability to play the originals why would they do that?


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                That's the strangest thing I've heard... I've always been able to play with the original scenarios. I get a kick out of using CF and LL features in original parks...

                Now if they would really make a scenario editor and a sandbox mode...
                *grumbles about work*


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                  Hmmm. Let me go check again. I was able to continue playing scenarios already in progress, but I didn't see any way to start a new scenario except those on Corkscrew Follies. But mebbe I wuz wrong.


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                    Opps. You guys are right. I had not scrolled down far enough to see that the original scenarios were appended to the end of the new scenarios.