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    Board game: The old classic: Chess (not that I'm very good)
    Card game: Set. I have yet to meet my match.
    One year at Apolyton with the same username and location!


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      If you can get enough people together, PIT is a lot of fun. My nephew once managed to get enough cards so nobody could corner and we were going frantic and hyperventilating before we realized he was sitting there grinning.
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      I was just about to point out that Horsie is simply making excuses in advance for why he will suck at Civ III...
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        What is PIT?
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          I used to be in a board gamers club a couple of years ago...well more like 7 years ago.

          Back then, we used to play all kinds of board games like Diplomacy, Supremacy, Blood Royale, Conquest, Targui, A line in the sand, Panzer leader, Squad leader, civilization, axis & allies, business strategy, and whole host of other games that I can't remember offhand.

          RPGs used to be a big thing also...I never got into D&D, but I played marvel, TopSecret SI, Car Wars, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghost busters, Twilight 2000.

          Those were fun-filled days.....