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    Now I remember, the standard name of the chosen one should be "Torin", right?
    And you only get him with life's magic (It's a summon-spell, I think)
    But what about the priestess? hmm


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      Go to "special collection" then find "Simtex collection" or try the search engine then type "Master of magic".

      It's not only the patch file but the whole game files(1.3.1)you can find so little bit inconvinient.

      Yea you're right to summon Torin we need to research "incarnation" first and he consumes mana rather than money.

      I usually choose Myrran and the remaining slot for all Chaos books. I just love "Armageddon" spell. If my books are not enough for the spell I begin to clean up all the remained monsters(strong ones)then sometimes I get 2~3spell books(The harder level you choose the better war booties you get).

      Life books are also good. "Invulnerability","Lion Heart" can be good enhancement for your heroes' artifacts.

      The Golden one? He sucks! I don't like him.
      I rather choose the witch! I don't also remember the name of the Priestess(I used to customise my heroes' name so I don't remember most of their names)

      Malleus is certainly deadly even if he is not one of the champions.


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        Thanx for the URL, let's see what I can make of...

        You think the Golden One sucks? Well, he might not be one of the strongest, but he's definitely coooool , because he's golden...


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          Hey, were have you all gone?
          I thought we were talking about MoM?!


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            We were playing MOM. The golden boy is is a real cutie!

            I have the problem that a patched version crashes, an unpatched version has a "disappearing money/no income" problem. Too bad, any ideas (I got the german version, but I couldn't find a german patch).


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              A couple of other bugs I discovered with v1.31:

              1. If an enemy wizard has been banished (but not defeated yet) and has no cities remaining but does have an outpost, the game will crash if you take the outpost. To avoid this, leave it alone until it grows into a hamlet.

              2. In one game, my galleys showed up with all kinds of enchantments on them (invisibility, weapons immunity, God knows what-all) that I hadn't cast. Didn't affect gameplay, as I never used them to fight.
              "THE" plus "IRS" makes "THEIRS". Coincidence? I think not.


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                At the beginning I though that Chaos was the best of all magic spheres (Armageddon was really cool), then I started to mix it with Nature (so you destroy enemy territory and improve yours) and sometimes with life (it did have some good spells for combats).
                Now I am changing my strategy completely. I allocate everything to Sorcery. yes, at the beginning it can be somewhat weak compared with other spheres, but I think that Sorcery has the most powerful Overland enchantments.
                Suppress Magic and Time Stop are something to take into account.

                I hate Spell of Mastery. You should be allowed to turn it off (I think it is possible with a multiplayer patch).

                DAMNED MICROPROSE!! You
                have screwed up diplomacy with AI in you
                Fix it!

                (I will sign with this as long as the problem is not solved)


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                  KarstenWilli: I also use a German version, but it's on 1.31, without any bugs. Try to get the English version 1.31 for HD, it's nearly bugfree and works without the CD...

                  Why nearly bugfree?
                  Well, I have some problems with that spell to be used to counter enemy global enchantments. My computer gets a total crash when i try to cast it...


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                    I don't know whether this is a bug, but when you ban a sorcerer without destroying him, his cities will be empty and you can take them all until he reappears in one of his cities. This works at least in the German 1.31 version


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                      I agree with Lazlo that sorcery rules. The best spell in the game, in terms of cost-effectiveness, might just be Confusion. It's cheap to research and to cast, you generally get it early in the game, and it can just devastate the computer player. Send one fast unit in against 9 slow ones, cast Confusion on a couple of them, and just play keep-away while they fight among themselves.

                      Andz83: if the computer player's cities are empty after he's banished, it could be that they were filled with summoned creatures, which disappeared when the summoning wizard did. Normal units stay around when their owner is banished (or at least they're supposed to; if they don't, it's a bug).
                      "THE" plus "IRS" makes "THEIRS". Coincidence? I think not.


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                        check out the Master of Magic hints thread, folks!

                        I wonder where all the MoM-players have gone! it seems that Shadowstrike and me are the only Apolytoners playing it although there used to be more, like the ones who posted in this or another threads on this topic...