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Age Of Wonders - Master Of Might And Magic?

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  • Age Of Wonders - Master Of Might And Magic?

    Well, I played a demo of this game which is a kind of mix between Master Of Magic and Heroes Of Might And Magic.

    Anyone of you who can tell me whether I should buy it or not?

    Any discussion wanted about it?

    I'm open. (for discussions etc.)

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    I haven't played the demo but it's spell research interface looks disturbingly similar to that of MOM. also it doesn't have the depth of MOM or HOMM I think after I read some previews from a game magazine.
    Andz How was the demo? good? bad? Perhaps you know better than I do.


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      Well, the demo is great. The game is really good, yes. But do you know what did really giving me an orgasm? The music! It's that fantastic! YAAHOOOOOO!!!

      The game wouldn't be half as good as it is when it wouldn't have that music style. Some of the tracks were included in the demo, in a kind of mp3-files, called ".it" files.

      But also without the music it is a good game. The graphics are alright and the game interface is in fact not really comparable with MoM and HoMaM. But it's still similar with them.

      Does that answer your question?


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        No Andz

        I wanted know about the actual game play not BGM. Do you think AOW is better than MOM or HOMM in terms of game play?


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          I've played AOW quite extensively now, and IMO it's probably the best of the bunch (I have both HOMM3 and MOM).
          It isn't as deep as the other two titles, but the gameplay is simply so smooth that it's a joy to play.
          Spells are very nice, and the AI (with the latest patch it's very good) doesn't hesitate to use them against you, even on the strategy map (it blew the cr*p out of my main battleforce when I encountered a high level mage the first time).
          You also really need to think about your defenses, as the AI will not hesitate to attack an undefended area, even if it's far away (a couple of enemy dragons will get to your rear areas very quickly)...

          AOW puts the "strategy" back to fantasy strategy games!

          I recommend it very much!

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          - Lone Star


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            Jaakko: WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC?? There are only a few songs with the demo. Called "Love And Death", "Carved In Stone" and "In the Company of Elves". Look into the "songs" folder and discover some other songs. Could you mail me some? If they aren't too big. One should have a few hundred kilobytes. 3 or 4 in one mail shouldn't be too many!

            youngsun: in my last sentence I referred to the Gameplay compared with MoM and HOMM...well, a little bit.
            AOW is a mix of those two and can't be really compared. I play all three: HOMM3, MOM and AOW (Age Of Wonders


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              The music is still great!
              There's 20 songs in the full game, ranging from ~500kb to ~3Mb.
              I can mail you some of the smaller ones (maybe worth 2-3Mb or so...).
              "In the Company of Elves" isn't in there, so maybe you can mail that in return?
              I'll send the songs sometime tomorrow, as soon as I get a chance.

              "On this ship you'll refer to me as idiot, not you captain!"
              - Lone Star


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                Haha i'll take you guys' advice then.


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                  Poor youngsun; noone takes him seriously

                  In fact, t might have really been funny how I disgressed from answering his questions.

                  Jaakko: There should be a file called "". It's not as nice as "Love And Death" but it's also funny. I'll mail it to you.


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                    Ok, the files are rushing down the phone line as I write this...
                    Should arrive shortly.
                    "On this ship you'll refer to me as idiot, not you captain!"
                    - Lone Star


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                      Well, I'm getting your mail right now. It should be done in a few minutes, but I think it's the biggest mail I've ever received.

                      Thank you!

                      I'll now mail this track to you (In the Company of Elves)

                      BTW, most tracks aren't ".it" but ".s3m"

                      Mistake by me...but not important at all


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                        Poor youngsun; noone takes him seriously

                        Haha of course I have nothing to offer here but you guys have somthing to exchange that's what I call "MARKET SYSTEM" son. Hmmm Great lesson


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                          Jaakko: The files you sent to me aren't as good as "company" or "love&dea". What do you think about "company". Did you actually receive it?

                          youngsun: Is this your favourite smiley or summat?


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                            You're right, they're not as good, except maybe for Battle Macabre.
                            In The Company of Elves is very good, I wonder why they didn't include it in the full game.

                            There are better songs, but they're all over 1Mb in size, so sending them isn't very practical...

                            Buy the game!
                            "On this ship you'll refer to me as idiot, not you captain!"
                            - Lone Star


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                              I haven't buyed it yet because it's at least $40 here in Germany. I'm waiting for falling prize and then will probably buy it...