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Do you keep and play your old games?

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  • Do you keep and play your old games?

    I was wondering whether gamers here have attachments to their old favorites and go back to them now and then (besides Civ 2 that is).

    In particular has anyone here taken much to the simulation classics like Simcity 2000 and Simcity 3000?

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    I still have some really old DOS classics around: MoO, UFO: Enemy Unknown and Warlords. I should also have Railroad Tycoon lying around somewhere...
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      Yeah I occassionally go back and play an old game. Usually it's a game where you can sit down play for 15 minutes and then get up. Most new PC games aren't good for that.
      Here's my list excluding CIV 2.

      Tie Fighter, Aces over Europe (Pacific), and Red Baron. -- Alot of new flight games dont lend themselves well to a quick mission.

      Spy Vs. Spy 1 thru 3 (2 Player only)-- On a C64 emu

      Boulderdash -- On an C64 emu (any good clones?)

      Joust, Warlords, Combat, Maze Craze, and a host of other multi-player games for my still working Atari 2600, Id play them more often but I have to convince someone else to play with me. Anyone want to visit

      Tetris, Pacman, Misile Command, and few others -- usually via a clone

      Colonization and Machiavelli -- Ocasionally

      And a few Id still play if the sequel hadn't replaced the need.

      Pirates! -- Now Pirates Gold which is still an old game.
      Simcity -- Replaced by Simcity 2000 might be replaced by Simcity 3000 soon.
      Railroad Tycoon -- Replaced by Railroad Tycoon II

      So yes I still play them. Im not sure if you wanted a list .

      P.S. I great fun little game (and original:eek reminiscent of Pacman et al is Koules, I think it's only for *nixes but Im not sure


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        The list is very welcome and reassures me that some are not going for new games just because they are new.

        The point about the inability to have a quick (15 minute or so) session with current games is an important one. Those older DOS ones provided a stop gap for the times when you've been bushed by a few week's marathoning with Civ2 (and its ilk) and you just want to have a less time-taxing but equally challenging game.

        It's cheered me up considerably that "non-violent" simulations such as Simcity are being appreciated. Perhaps there are others here?
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          I'm playing Jedi Knight right now and have a game of Heroes of Might and Magic II going as well. I picked up Age of Sail about 4-6 weeks ago...does that qualify as an old game? I have Stunts at work and play at least once a week. Ahhh, of the great games of all times...thanks for reminding me, Sophanthro.


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            This reminds me of something I used to do. I had a Risk game on my Commodore 64. The AI was easy to beat and I got bored with it. Sometimes I would set the game up to be all computer opponents. The computer would take all day to finally beat it self. Many years later I got a 100MHz PC. I bought a Risk game, hoping it would be better then the C64. The AI did some of the same silly moves. (It probably was the exact same game, with an improved interface). I did the same thing as before. Computer vs computer. Now the world conquest is over in 10 seconds...The AI might not be smarter, but it sure is faster...


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              I still play a bunch of games on my very first computer... a Coco2... for those that don't now it was a Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer 2 with 64K of memory, an external 5 1/4 inch floopy drive as the only memory storage (other than the onboard 64k) and hooked up to my tv. Aahhh those were the days. You could turn the machine on and it would be ready to go by the time you sat down in your chair.

              Hmmm.... I think I still have my hobbyist magazine for the machine from when the experts were discussing this brand new OS for the IBM clones called Windows. If I only knew then...


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                Does anyone know how to load cannons onto a ship in Pirates! Gold? I have just rammed my opponents on the first attack for years!
                *grumbles about work*


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                  depends on what you mean by old.
                  I still play Civilization (1), Master of Orion, and X-Wing. But I've gotten out of the habit of playing Fairy Godmom.
                  Back on the Commodore, My wife and I both loved Legacy Of The Ancients, and we fought over the C64 for it during the first days of our marriage. We now have it for the PC, and our Tarmalon map sits on the wall opposite my civ2 poster.
                  But really old?
                  One of the first addicting games on the Commodore was Viper, the snake with the growing tail. We found it as Ibid, and still play that.
                  I'm also thinking about getting a copy of Adventureland, a Scott Adams text adventure I used to play on my brother's Vic20 in high school.
                  My brother also had a trash80 at one point, but it was so bad that no games on it were any fun even then. Good riddance.
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                    Some pretty good games were available for the TRS-80 They included most, if not all, of Scott Adams adventures, Invasion Orion, and a bunch of arcade games by Big Five.

                    However the best game ever is this game called M.U.L.E.. Even better than Civ since you can finish a game in under an hour and you are required to cooperate with other players to win.
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                      Oh man, M.U.L.E. kicked ass. I wasted a lot of time on that one. I think I may just have to find an emulator and play that one again!!


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                        Thinking about old reminds me that the oldest computer games I played might have been the verbal (non-graphics) adventure games like the Zork series played on DOS in the earliest IBM PCs. I think the parallel between playing verbal adventures and the current fully-blown graphics packages is like enjoying a well-written who-done-it book and seeing the same thing in cinemascope with Dolby sound on the cinema's wide screen. There is something to be said for media that encourages one to use one's imagination - mental pictures seem that little bit more vivid that way.


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                          Most games I have are from 1994 onwards. I still play the original Panzer General. And most games I buy I usually keep and play. I find that a lot of the newer games substitute depth of gameplay with flash and effects. It's nice for a while, but you soon get tired of it.

                          By the way, if you're looking for a short strategy fix try Stratego for the computer. A game takes about 30-40 minutes and is challenging and fun.

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                            Boy, is this bringing back memories.

                            M.U.L.E. was great! That was followed by the Ultima series. Then came Masters of Orion and Starflight.

                            But along the way, my brother-in-law and I stumbled upon an Electronic Arts game called "Seven Cities of Gold". That was superb! Whenever he came over, we always ended up "inca busting".

                            But, of course, just like in Puff the Magic Dragon, we must put away those things of yeseteryear and move on...

                            to Civ II!! The king is dead! Long live the king!

                            Frodo lives!

                            Better dead than "Red"... or green... or blue... or yellow... or orange... or purple... or white.

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                              I don't actually keep them, about every game I have ever had before 1995 I can now download as abandonware. So, let's see... I can't give a (complete) list because I can't remember all those oldies I have, but... I have... Railroad tycoon 1(Which I'd replace with 2 if I could), Civ 1&2 (Wow! What a surprise...), Silverball, Colony(weird game. I still don't understand how can I proceed in it, I'm stuck in the few first rooms. Pretty nice, primitive graphics engine though),... TIE fighter (Which isn't really so easy to play without a joystick...), hmm.... MoM and MoO (Now these are classics!), colonization and too much other games to remember just now. Skyroads. Ufo 1,2. Arkanoid. Pirates! Gold (Though I never played this with my old computers, and I have to confess that every time I have finished a game yet I have become a penniles pauper and a scoundrel). That's about it for this post.

                              ADDED: Whew. What a format. Too much to fix, it's a bit hard to read without any paragraphs. Anyway, I almost forgot that I also have Pong, the first game. Though it's version 2.1 IIRC, I don't think you can have much older games .
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