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  • Spider
    Yeah, I played EQ during the beta and for another 3 months after release. The game is great. In fact it's awesome. I've always considered Civilization the best computer game ever made, until EQ came out.

    Unfortunately, Sony immediately ruined this game by cramming 2000 people onto a server that, IMO, should have been limited to about 200 people. Everywhere you go there are 10 times more people than there should be.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Played it at my friends house once.

    Assuming you like Massively Multi-Player Online RolePlaying games aka graphical muds.
    I myself do not.

    Key Problems:

    Campers. You get sent on quest unfortunately other ppl have been sent on the same quest. So you'll get a lot of ppl sitting in line waiting for a said object to complete the quest.

    The whole game is just hack and slash, but thats the case of any MMORG.

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  • Zkribbler
    started a topic Everquest


    Anybody ever play this?? Any comments?