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    ughh.... AOE ROR... yech same with AOE2 now for me as well..... and BOTF.... reminds me of a clunky interface like CTP....

    However put me down for CIV3 as the only new game i will buy.... however i will certainly dload and burn others
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      Current rotation:

      TOT: Extended
      TOT: Sci-Fi
      TOT: Fantsy
      Civ II (gotta see the council!)
      Total Annhilation (RULES!)

      Repeat (and randomize) Ad Infinitum.

      Worms:Armegeddon used to be in there, but I lost the CD and cash is tight...
      No, I did not steal that from somebody on Something Awful.


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        I still want Spear Of Destiny!!!

        MAIL!!! LINK!!! ANYTHING!!!

        PLEEEAAASSEEE!! Quickly, before I don't want it anymore


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          holy (bleep)ing halo, batman, we have a new number 1!

          and now I'd like to thank myself for getting myself that new computer and a GeForce GTS hihihi...


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            I agree with you, Wheathin, having a low end system and buying 3 year old games is the way to go! I bought Master Of Orion II for 5$ and it has now eclipsed Civ II as my number one game. Where does the time go?
            The advantages are simple:
            all your hardware upgrades are cheap.
            all the games are cheap.
            by the time you buy the games, they're patched and playable.
            By the time you buy the games, you know what everyone else has said about them, and have a good idea whether to spend your hard earned 9.99.

            the constant pity of your friends as they tell you to get rid of that dinosaur.
            you have to wait to play civ 3.
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            I was just about to point out that Horsie is simply making excuses in advance for why he will suck at Civ III...
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              Holy bleeping sh!t has anyone seen the recommended system specs for Deus Ex after the demo release, a P3 or Athlon!!!
              The minimum is only 50mhz slower than my system, a freaking 350 P2 my god.....

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                Games Im playing Now.

                Railroad Tycoon II
                Civ: Call to Power (only Multi-Player)
                Fallout II
                Assortment of Old Dos Games.

                Games I'll probably get (eventually)
                Planetscape Torment.
                Civ III
                CTP II
                Some WWII Plane Game (European Air War or World War II Fighters.)
                Thief II

                I was thinking of getting Deus Ex, but it looks like they licensed the Ultima 9 engine

                Does anyone know what Black and White is about, I looked at some screenshots but they totally confused me. I thought it was a strategy game.


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                  Out of curiosity, what on earth happened to the Duke Nukem 3D sequel?

                  I also noticed Daikatana is out now, but I have heard that due to the excessive delays, it is 'behind the times'!


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                    I play Civ 2 MGE
                    Quake 2
                    Bunch of Dos games

                    Games I must Get:
                    Diablo 2
                    Civ 3
                    Probably won't be able to run either though
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                      Duke Nukem Forever is going to be out in about december. They scrapped the Q2 engine and adopted Unreal or it would be out now. They also adopted a policy of not advertising or talking about the game so no one will be disappointed. And whatever you do don't touch Diakatana it sucks, I've played my friends and he is sorry he bought it. The bots are bad, not as bad as the reviews make 'em sound but they definately do nothing for the game. The weapons are boring and everything is old. The graphics are all green, and also your eyes hurt after about 30 minutes on the japan levels. Don't touch it.

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                      (stupid cant use hotmail)
                      Don't ask for golf tips
                      Your game will get worse
                      There is no spoon,
                      But there is a knife


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                        I was running the game on an Athlon 750MHz with a 32MB GeForce 2, and it was basically a slide show. Turning off detailed textures helped tremendously, but it still stuttered on a few outdoor scenes.

                        aaaah ****! that's what I'm getting in my new box! could it be, because it's just a demo? could it be another Athlon/Nvidia issue?

                        go here for an "explanation" about the performance in Deus Ex.

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                          another game not to play:
                          be gone, demon!

                          good lord, I hope it doesn't have the camera movements like in that sucky movie!


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                            I kinda wanna play space empires 4 but it doesn't have a publisher yet but it is almost done. The game looks fun and deep a lot better than ig2. It has systems with jump point chokes a huge tree, lots of units and decent graphics which will run fine on my comp.

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                            (stupid cant use hotmail)
                            Don't ask for golf tips
                            Your game will get worse
                            There is no spoon
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                              Games in Development:
                              1) Europa Universalis
                              2) Civilization III
                              3) Reach for the Stars
                              4) MOO3
                              5) Space Empires IV

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