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Civ III vs CTP II after the Civ III team was dessimated

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  • Civ III vs CTP II after the Civ III team was dessimated

    Are either of these games going to be any good! It seems that CTP II is just a marketing ploy while Civ III has lost all its talent. WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!!!
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    All of it's talent is a bit of an overstatement. Any ways the game will definitely take a beating without Brian. Im look at Ultima IX they lost 3 out of 4 designers and just look at how much it blew.

    Im backing CTP II, well mainly (optimism)because it will probably get ported to Linux almost immediately(/optimism).

    I think CTP II will be a great game. And so will Civ 3, Civ 3 is just going to take a bit longer then expected, with Brian gone.


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      OK, how about Da Bears after mike Ditka against the 1979 Steelers?


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        I don't think so.. I think CivIII will be riding the name for now. Sid will focus on Dinosaurs as it is his pet project, CivIII will just be another sequel with better graphics and higher hardware demands.
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