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    Well, I've been playing this game on the PS2 for a few weeks now and I'm having a real problem with a driving licence, the final test on the B licence. Acheiving Bronze is a cinch, acheiving Silver is relatively hassle free even for a novice, but obtaining Gold on this test run is nigh on impossible. No matter how well I do, how well I stick to the guide track and how well I use the acceleration and braking curves as required I can't seem to break the golden time limit. I can get to with about 1/10th of a second and have done so on several occassions.

    I checked some websites for strategic help and under cheats they say rather nonchalantly that "after an hour or two's practice you should be able to get all the golds and will be award the Mazda LS". I've done orders of magnitude more than hours on this track. Why can't I get the gold?
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    Cheating is no substitute for skill. Get more skill.
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      I've reached a plateau. I'm all skilled out.
      One day Canada will rule the world, and then we'll all be sorry.


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        Drop acid. Then you won't need a driving licence.
        Give up.
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        Try not doing it the required way!
        Use public transport - it's greener!

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          this reminds me of when me and my brother used to play f-zero on snes really heavily. on deep blue(iirc maybe it was blue ocean or something) we couldn't best our top score and kept trying and trying. we ended up with the top 5 scores all the exact time from both me and my brother. we got frustrated and gave up for a few weeks(of course we continued to play f-zero, just not that course). needless to say we tried again and we both ended up being able to beat our old top score by 5 seconds on our first tries. video games aren't just about repetition(though they can seem like it), variety will enhance your skills more than playing a certain course over and over again.
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