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  • Giana Sisters's multiplayer world

    I 'm not able to visit poly' much these days. But here's a small game I would like to share.

    Giana's Multiplayer World

    Do you remember the great old game on C64's times called "Giana-Sisters"? Now it's time to change everything about it! This version brings to you a new feeling of network-gaming...

    Deathmatch with up to 16 players in LAN's or throughout the internet and youŽll see that this tiny game will bring you real satisfaction in shooting up enemy players.

    Giana Family v1.4 has been released after 5 years and allows you to play a single player campaign as well as new multiplayer modes: Capture the Flag, Domination & Diamond Fever.

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    I'm in for a game some day (Not this weekend though)
    This space is empty... or is it?


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      Cap sighting! Swing by name the game.