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    Originally posted by FlameFlash
    Is Morrowind another of those that's better on the computer though?

    (like I'd have the option anyway, having a Mac and all )
    well i find it much more comfortable to play it on the xbox - on sofa/in bed on a big screen tv.

    But the game is better on a high end PC - you can Mod it alot etc, which you cant do on the xbox.

    It was just that you mentioned enjoying KOTR, which by console standards is a very unconsoleish( ) and deep game. Morrowind is more of the same, but much more so. If you hate RPG's then maybe its not for you(but KOTR is basicaly an RPG, so i figure you might like Morrowind.)

    Morrowind(GOTY edition), after some thought on it, is probably the best game overall i've got on my xbox(in that its seen more play time) and in a time when you can finish/get bored with most new games in a few dozen hrs, it represents the best value for money you can spend on your xbox - if you get into it, it could keep you occupied for months(years!?)

    more info on the game is available at the elderscrolls website

    It gets first place in my xbox top ten, just beating Championship Manager(a football game) into second place, as its a game both my girlfriend and i enjoy.

    Halo sadly gets about 4th or 5th place
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      It's just one of those games that's hard to describe. It's like a group of actors that starring in a kung-fu movie plot and you gotta do all these scenes.

      If you know anything about old skool kung-fu movies, you'll get a lot of the references. Like when you jump really high/far you'll see the strings on top of your character. The game may seem kinda "nintendo-ish" but it's really fun.

      And the price is hard to beat!
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        You can even see the strings!?

        A must try.
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