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Unfinished games you hope/plan on beating someday

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    Welcome back. Time to start flexing your spa posting muscles again.


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      I think I'll get around to beating Resident Evil: Code Veronica someday.


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        I would like to beat Caesar 2 and 3, Star Wars: Rebellion, Civ2: ToT, and C&C Red Alert(both 1 &2).


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          Re: Rebellion. Believe, the "payoff" of winning is sooooo not worth the tedium of playing the game until that point. Save yourself the effort.

          I had always been a big Monkey Island fan, but never went beyond the original game. I finally downloaded Monkey Island 2 a couple of weeks ago and beat it in a few days. I was so monkey obsessed, I bought 3 and 4 real cheap and played them both to completion.

          No. 3 (Curse of Monkey Island) is now the favorite--it was easily the best adventure/puzzle game I've ever played.

          No. 4 (Escap from Monkey Island) was a little bit of a letdown after 3, though on its own its still an extremely entertaining, rewarding game. The 3-D interface is a little clunky, and some puzzles had ludicrously obscure solutions (especially the final battle). On the other hand, the script and voice-acting for 4 were terrific.

          I have yet to beat GTA3, but that's because I haven't been playing it lately. I'd like to beat X-Wing: Alliance, since I haven't gotten to the Battle of Endor. I've yet to finish a game of Hearts of Iron, but honestly I don't know if I have the patience (it got tedious, IMO).

          Oh, and I've gotta finish my emulated NES Dragon Warrior IV game! But some weird glitch made me lose a save game, so I have to backtrack.
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            You should check out this thread then Boris.
            I'm building a wagon! On some other part of the internets, obviously (but not that other site).


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              How about games you want to finish but don't have/can't get/won't run anymore?

              For me:
              Alone in the dark: my 386 wasn't good enough to play it, but the disk was corrupted when i got my 486...that's the one game i never really got started but it was fun.

              Myst: similar reason, but this time it was because i only had a 2X speed cd-rom, so it was slow as heck. The puzzles were dumb too. But, it was one of those games that changed the industry, so I want to go through it at least once just because it is historically significant.

              Elvira: Mistress of the Dark: a really good game actually. It was like 20+ megs when the average game was only like 3-5. Way ahead of its time. But, it came out when a lot of game companies thought "play time" was important, so it had 3 huge mazes. I just gave up on the last one because it was just a pain in the butt. But the puzzle parts rocked.

              the Incredible machine: i think i got stuck 3 times on the same puzzle, about 30 from the last. I can get it again, but i just can't see myself going through all those puzzles before that one again.

              X-wing: borrowed from a friend. It forced you to go through these huge boring training missions. I got to like #12 out of 20 or something and got sick of going through little boxes.

              Syndicate xpac: first mission was just ridiculously hard...nowadays though i might go back for the challenge.

              Front Page Sports: Football: man this game was awesome in its day. looks a bit dated now, and hardly runs on newer computers...they never really cleaned up all the bugs. I still haven't finished a single season yet, because simulating a day's games took like 90 mins on my old pcjr.

              Rogue: i've played it off and on for like 15+ years. never got past lvl 12 or so.

              Magic Carpet: dl from underdogs doesn't work with new joystick drivers.

              prince of persia: unfair jumps.

              conan: only version around now is apple II...i think my friend still has it and a working aIIe.

              might and magic 4 + 5: supposedly if you put both on your hd at the same time, you got a larger world and the two combined or something. by the time 5 came out, one of the disks for 4 was corrupted.


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                Boris, the tedium is the main reason i gave up on the game, i liked the game, but it just become booring a little to early(esp for such a long term game as it was)


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                  Originally posted by CivPatriot
                  Boris, the tedium is the main reason i gave up on the game, i liked the game, but it just become booring a little to early(esp for such a long term game as it was)
                  It doesn't get any better.

                  Well, that's not entirely true. If you can find RebEd somewhere, it could help. It's an editor for the game. You can use it to reduce construction times and increase ship speeds, which will speed up the game a lot. But that doesn't help with the micromanaging (since the AI can't build fleets worth ****). Nor with the boredom of hunting down the objectives needed to win.
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                    AoE II- man when will I get around to that?
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                      Hell, I stopped "finishing" games about a decade ago... not since I plowed through Might and Magic: World of Xeen have I felt compelled to truly "beat" a game. Ever since then, decreasing amounts of time to play games (a problem not helped by the internet) have forced me to all but give up on the latest and greatest 'n wait until it hits the recycling bin.


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                        -Diablo II (didn't really get into this one, unlike the first..but I want to see the movies).
                        -Xenogears (trying to beat the last boss(es) multiple times without success basically bored me...see above).
                        -FF9 (just didn't get into this one either...see above).
                        -X-com: Terror of the Deep (I keep dying stupidly on this one mission...I'll try again in a month or so)
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