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Are Nostradamus's predictions holding true today?

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    Certainly the next target for the U.S. war on terrorism can be found by reversing the letters "mabus" to "subam" then reversing any letters again, such as a "b" into a "d" to get "sudam." That leaves one the freedom in anagramming to replace one vowel "u" with an "a" to get "Sadam." The law of eliminating or adding redundancies to letters allows one to double our "d" to get "Saddam" Hussein.

    Observe the stiking similarity in Lucky seven and Friday the 13th. First you subtract 7 from 13 and flip the number. Then take the square root and multiply by 7 and divide by 1 and divide by 3. Observe! The result is 7, Wasnt that amazing?


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      Originally posted by Gatekeeper
      Definitely not. I'm still waiting for that meteor to impact near India.

      Man! You really hate Bollywood films or what?
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        No, no, no.

        "Mabus" can be broken down into "Ma" and "bus." Now, all we need is an "h" for a Bush. If we rotate the "m," and the "a" could be a mistake for a period, we got W. Bush.

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          I'm too sober to participate in this thread.
          To us, it is the BEAST.


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            Originally posted by Boris Godunov
            Nostrodamus's quatrains are so vague and manipulateable that anyone can twist any of them to mean whatever they want. Anyone who thinks this guy predicted squat is deluding himself.
            very true. I thoroughly studied him and his quatrians some years back out of interest. After buying and borrowing a half dozen books on him, I found that each book had a different, sometimes completely different interpretation of the quatrain, all of them making sense tho in by the authors arguements. It was funny how one book written in the 50s referenced many of the quatrains to refer to WWII, yet one written in the 80s thought it predicted some battles in a future WWIII. These are just the tip of the iceburg of the things i found.

            My conclusions after my little spiel is this:


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              To us, it is the BEAST.