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  • FrostyBoy
    The city graphic will spill over to the adjacent tiles.

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  • GeoModder
    Cities can sprawl? What does that mean? That they 'occupy' more then one tile when their populations grow, or that the graphics spill over to adjacent tiles?

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  • FrostyBoy
    started a topic Humanitas Game Details

    Humanitas Game Details

    All Humanitas Game Details can be found on this post.

    Only concrete details will be posted.

    Not all of Humanitas game details will be revealed.

    If I don't answer your question it is because I either:
    don't want to tell you/don't know yet/feature might change

    List Last Updated: June 24, 05

    1. Interface graphics change according to Era.

    2. Settlers cannot uncover the map.

    3. Gather Resources RTS style. (not real-time gathering).

    4. Technologies are split into Inventions and Discoveries.

    5. 9 terrain types (land).

    6. Each terrain has their own set of forests, hills and mountains.

    7. Cities can sprawl.

    8. Tiles are diamond, at size 256x128. (double the size of Civ 2 and Civ 3).

    9. Beaches and Cliffs for coastal areas.

    10. Harbours/Ports are built on cliff/beach tiles, provided there is a city adjacent. Ships are built at Ports not at Cities.

    11. Certain Wonders are built outside the city.

    12. Figures are not rounded up to the nearest 100, 1000, etc. So you can have a population of: 42,031,203.

    13. Population growth is not effected by how much food you gather.

    14. Game starts at 10,000 B.C.

    15. Newspaper is back.

    16. Can enter a "World War" when all Civilizations are at war for a certain number of turns. During this time, production, science will increase, but others will decrease and depression/anger will set in.
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