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1 Tile island cities can be purchased from the AI

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  • 1 Tile island cities can be purchased from the AI

    I had the japanese down to one remaining city on a 1 tile island. But it was early in the game before even Samurai. So I demanded he give me the city and offered 4000 gold in return. He countered that he wanted a peace treaty too. I agreed and bought that the 1 island city (instead of waiting for bombarding units or marines) and got a message after I accepted
    that I had eliminated the Japanese. He sold me his last city for a peace treaty!!! :-)

    I also purchased a 1 island city from the americans for 7k. But they had 3 other cities.

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    You should have renamed it "Manhattan" ;-)



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      Every city in my civ was named after a town/city in Massachusettes so I renamed it Nantucket. Ironically, with the "Island in the sea of time" series by S.M. Stirling it is much more apt for a civilization game. (A series in which modern day Nantucket suddenly finds itself back in time about 2000 BCE and coping with other much larger civs in a race to rule the world).


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        Also with the Americans, unlike the Japanese, I had to threaten to declare war after they rejected my initial proposal before they would sell me that ******* 1 square island.


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          Sold you his last city for a peace treaty? Well, maybe the AI has a sense of self preservation then- either sell into your power, or get flattened.
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            Wow! That's a neat trick.
            Is there something special about it being a 1-square island or will that work on any city?


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              I offer to trade maps for small cities. if they refuse, I make a threat. If they still refuse I destry that city. Seems like the AI remembers that next time as they are much more willing later.

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