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Now I'm sounding as a CIV II addict.

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  • Now I'm sounding as a CIV II addict.

    I don't have CTP II yet (well not officially) - but now, I'm not quite sure I miss it.

    CTP with its PBEM facilities and the SP with Wes' med mod 4.11. What more can you ask for??

    Except CTP II with PBEM and CTP II Single player with Wes' med mod 1.0? But these games do not exist - yet.

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    I am all the time thinking whether to buy it or not. Snapshots look cute, and if I can't even beat CTP1 AI, I will also have fun here, but I don't like the lack of PBEM. On the other hand, I am also quite busy with AoE2, so I don't have much time to play single player CTP.

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