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  • Having a great time

    I finally had some time to play this game on the weekend and am having a blast. I have like 12 barabaians outside my cites and they havn't attack once. weird they use to attack before.

    Now I got the great wall I don't have to worry about them for now.

    Was getting a bit borring since no one was attacking me then all of a sudden the Native Americans came down to my city with 12 units and attacked me without warning. Luckily I had 12 units in the city to defend and keep it.

    Now I have to regroup my units and attack the Native Americans.

    Having a great time now.


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    Now I got the great wall I don't have to worry about them for now
    I think that is wrong. It has been mentioned before that this is a faulty entry in the manual. If you search the forum for it I'm sure you'll find the particular thread.


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      Hi Yolky,
      I think i remember you from the MOO3 forum - nice to see you hear!
      What mod are you playing with and what level of difficulty are you playing at? I find it best if i want a real fight on my hands to play the game atleast with difficulty set to hard/impossible(barbs set to roaming/rageing hoards) - the barbs and AI will go at you much more.
      Anyway glad you are having fun - and remember the larger the map the less contact(and less combat) you will have untill further in the game.
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