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located in the CRADLE folder

This will require Modswapper. If you have downloaded an earlier version of Cradle, you will need the new texts and the leader files - you will not need the pictures and sprites. You can take the pictures and the sprites from the Cradle Scenario folder and move them into the

C:\Program Files\Activision\Call To Power 2\ctp2_data\default\graphics\pictures


C:\Program Files\Activision\Call To Power 2\ctp2_data\default\graphics\sprites folder.

The only conflict that you will have with MedMod is for the warrior sprite - Wes uses the CTP1 as his warrior and I use the CTP2 EB unit. The choice is yours as to which one you can use/overwrite.

As far as I can tell, there is no conflict on the tga files/leader pics, but we all are using Martin's city Mod so those files are the same.

If you are a first time player you will need all 4 files - plus the install instructions which spells out where everything goes.

And of couse you will need Modswapper - also at my site.

There is a folder for SLIC options on my site - Cradle comes loaded with Diplo 3.5, which is a more aggressive SLIC file - and fits what I am trying to accomplish - but the choice is yours as to which one you will need. You will have to put the CRA_ prefix on all of the files and manually place them. I will reformat them later in the week. I believe that you will like Cradle with the Diplo setup that it bundled with though.

The update incorporates my custom diplo parchments and a host of tweaks posted by players and due to my own playing.

If you are wondering what Cradle offers in the way of gameplay - I refer you to the thread 'Dawn of Man' in the CTP2 Mod Forum where that question is posted to me. And you can check out the Cradle 1.1 thread for my running game, and some comments from other players.

But judge for yourself - This one is worth the download

If you play post comments on this thread. Always looking to improve it.