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Scaping units - any beni?

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  • Scaping units - any beni?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but eaither CTP or CTP2 (the origial dead-in-the-water version) (or maybe civ2? ) gave production points for scrapping units. Is that true in CTP2 (under MedMod?)?

    Other than stopping the production outflow for support of these units, I don't seem to get anything out of scrapping them - its almost like the game is prompting me to sent each unit to its own personal valhalia by sending it on a desperate suicide mission, just so I get SOMETHING out of its end.

    In reality, scaping units should give you a boost to the item currently under production. Since its usually a replacement unit, its more like an upgrade (transfering the trained unit to better equipment).

    Can this be added to the existing files?

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    The disband unit does give a production bonus, half the original units building cost. Where are you disbanding the unit in the city screen or in the unuts tab becuase, there is a problem with disbading in the city screen not giving the production bonus.


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      I thought I was scrapping them in the units tab of the city - it shows the units and gives you the option of activiating a unit or disbanding it. But you say that it should be okay to do this in the units tab, right?


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        Of the one what are you speaking?
        On Disband units?

        I think, that when you change a building list, or it excludes an unit, it comes back, everything that you spent until the moment in her.

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