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    I have a request for the three reviewers who have had their reviews posted. Would you folks mind giving a brief follow up on how you now feel about the game?

    MarkG, when do you plan on posting your review?

    Many thanks ...

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      To say the truth the game is no more installed in my computer! Of course that is not only the game's fault. I am a medical student who played the game during a 3 week non-lesson period and who now has to study hard until end of February to pass quite a few exams...!!!

      There are four reasons why I stopped playing for now:
      1. The game is very easy as it is. I played two unfinished games in impossible and I was by far the best civ after about 200 turns! As I already wrote elsewhere I don't think the AI is bad (especially compared with civ2) but there are some alternations needed to make it more challenging (e.g. more aggressive, more cheating...)

      2. The "corrupted saves bug"!!! Luckily I didn't have this problem until I tried to alter some files to make the AI harder or play a game with 28 civs...a patch is needed to correct this bug!

      3. PBEM! I think this is the ultimate way to play a civ game and hope Activision will allow Mr Orge and others to make it available in a future patch.

      4. There are many imbalances in the game which make it less fun after some time (e.g. television, city growth, unhappiness, ancient wonders don't die... ...). I 'm sure most of them will be corrected in a patch or in mods...

      To sum up: I got bored very quickly but I still believe the game has great potentials! It is obvious to me now that the game was rushed to be in time for the Christmas market... I keep my time to play the game after all the needed corrections/improvements are done (I hope this to be done just after my exams... ).

      One Life One Game...