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    Originally posted by Alexander's Horse on 11-19-2000 05:59 PM
    Is it true you can't change your civ name? Damn, I always play civ 2 as "The Horse Empire"

    I love that civ 2 message "civilisation destroyed by horses"
    you can add your entire civ along with city names and everything in a text file....


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      Originally posted by Pyaray on 11-19-2000 05:35 PM

      The problem with running in Windowed mode as oppossed to full screen, is that animations are VERY slow. We do actually use quite a few animations in our game.


      Thanks Mark

      But this is really the nub of the problem with game design these days. "Eye candy" is added at the expense of playability enhancements. Don't they realise the hard core gamers, like the multiplayers, like the great and one and only Horsie , don't give a rat's arse about "animation". Civ 2 doesn't suffer for the lack of it. I don't care if the Sprites cast a shadow or not. Hell, I'm sure I'm not the only gamer who plays with the sound "off" as well, skips the wonders and just spend most of my time managing my civ and fighting my wars.

      I understand the marketer's problem in that the hard core multiplayers are only a fraction of the market, but it seems to be the way things are going the only way will be either a separate multiplayer config or players will just have to re-engineer the games when they come out (if the config allows this). Activision poineered a "mod-able" engine with the Doom/Quake series. I hope they can do something eventually.

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        It is all about the term "3rd party software."
        Getting 1 game to run on 5 hundred different systems is hard enough. Getting it to co-exist with another program running at the same time, created by a different company for a different purpose? Do you want to wait the extra year to test an implement this feature? Do you want to pay for the extra expense? What program would you like the game developer to use? I don't mean to be cruel, but running 2 programs at the same time is up to you. If it is too hard to alt+tab, then I think this is more along the lines of a "user error." Maybe its just me. I like the in game chat (use the"'") and talk to others in the game while I am playing. I suggest you set your MP game to 15-30 second speed turns. This will turn your game into something that you won't be able to back away from.
        just my 2 cents, don't take any offense.