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Click-and-paste scenario-editor anyone?

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  • Click-and-paste scenario-editor anyone?

    I never liked the scenario-editor in Civ-2 and SMAC. Its not that it aint powerfull. Its just that its so damn roundabout to use. Everything has to be done in a sequential order - shifting from one civ to the other, and then from one turn to the next. It takes "forever". I assume the problem was the same in CTP.

    As long as one dont want to change/rearrange complicated stuff like grapics, techs and scripts, it should be a LOT easier.
    I just want to start with a clean settler-free map - then point-and-click cities and terrain-improvements for each civ all over the map, from a palette.
    Then i want to click these cities and add some city-improvments/wonders/units from another palette; city by city, regardless what civ it is.

    I want to do this without ever to hit the next-turn Enter-button. The advances in the tech-tree should update it self for each civ, automatically. Finally i want to tie the whole thing up, by point-and-click the status for each civ, in terms of diplomacy, economy, happiness and government.
    The scenario-editor then automatically calculates the estimated number of turns it normally should have take in order to achieve above.

    Does anyone know if scenarios in CTP-2 still is going to be done by pesky sequential turn-by-turn methods?

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    Well, CTP1's scenario editor worked the way you described: just click and plant, for units, cities, terrain improvements, etc. However, my opinion on CTP2's scenario editor is that it is vastly easier to use, has many, many more features than CTP1's, and combined with the easier AI tweaking capabilities, should make scenario creation much easier and much faster. For example, there is a cut-and-paste feature in the map editing mode. If you create a continent that you want to put in the upper left corner instead of the middle of the screen, just use the drag select, cut, then paste. There are WAY too many features to describe, but we tried to make sure that all useful features suggested by Apolyton, gamers, and team members were implemented.