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  • AMENDMENT: Ministers

    Well, I've proposed, a few voiced their opinion but nothing's happening. Since this is the last chance before the election process starts I'm putting it up to a vote.

    I want to give the powers of the MoI to the MoDST and to balance this out give the science part to the president, since it's not much connected to the rest of the then MoDIT's department. That would save us one government position and I can already see us having problems filling them up again next term.

    Article II, 2. Government Positions

    erase: III. The Minister of Infrastructure

    add: to IV. The Minister of Diplomacy, Infrastructure and Trade
    The Minister of Diplomacy, Infrastructure and Trade is ultimately responsible for the placement of tile improvements, choosing the best tile and the best improvement, with the current reserve of public workers.
    erase: IV e)

    add to: I.President
    The President is responsible for research.

    I know changing bits of our government is difficult but I believe that we must get rid of one position and I'm convinved that this proposed mix makes sense and is balanced. If someone else has a better idea, put it up to a vote asap.

    This poll expires in 5 days, May 17th ~2100GMT

    The poll is expired.

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    I must say, I still don't really agree with it.

    1.) Cutting the jobs, isn't curing the problem. We need to get the people back on the board................
    2.) Giving infrastructure to the trade guy later in the game trade can be hell of a job....... and giving him as well Infrastructure, which again will get hell of a job . Doesn't sound balanced at all.........

    I hva enot yet voted, but I think this isn't a good idea.........


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      Trade a big job? How? Diplomacy yes, but trade?
      Anyway - the workload of the MoDA , MoD and the President is big enough while the MoDST doesn't have that much to do.
      You're right in saying that we need to get people involved but as long as the game's not running smoothly because we have trouble filling the positions we rather cut one position. If miraculously lots of people start competing for positions later on we can always split them up again.


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        I just see the problem here, that people might get to used to it and see it permanent...............

        On a temporary basis, I wouldn't object. Just to keep the game running.......

        For the trade, I already spent in SP-games like 10 minutes per turn, just changing trade-routes......just to gain the max out of it..........


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          Vote people, vote...


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            I don't know what to think about this amendment to the exception that, as Gilgamensch has already pointed at, it will not solve the problem which is the lack of commitment from the vast majority of the members among which I would like to know the number who have registered in order to add a tiny picture to the right of their avatar.

            True, the MoDST does not have much work when you compare its charge with the President for example. True the Minister of Infrastructure can be combined with the MoDST... but in my opinion the president must not be in charge of research as he must stay the highest authority of the nation, the supreme guardian of Lemuria, which is IMO not compatible with ministerial skills...

            I am sorry but I won't vote in favor of an amendment that would give the President a former ministerial office...
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              Tamerlin, you're right that the current lack of interest is the reason that the game's not running as it should. I'm not saying this solves all problems, but it would make it easier to keep the game running with only a few people.
              The president already has some powers granted by the constitution, eg. the power over the money reserve and the sliders. All things on national level, like research which is a pretty small thing and is usually decided in polls, so it's not like he's getting a ministerial position.


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                Instead of an amendment, I would rather prefer the court to make an temporary assingment in this case.........


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                  This is not about huhahu's resignation but an approach to cut one ministerial office


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                    I wasn't speaking about huhahu.

                    My idea was, that if we can't fill a minister, the court might decide for a turn/period what to do. This way it would not be permanent and easier to modify............


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                      ah, ok - but I rather have fewer elected officials than appointed ones and for the court there's absolutely no grounds for giving the powers of one minister to another, so it's not that easy...


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                        I voted for the amendment, but i would like to see it mentioned officialy that it would be a tempory measure and could be changed back when the workload got too great or enough people could commit themselves.
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                          Locutus, i mistakly voted 'yes' when i meant to vote 'no'. Can you fix it
                          I know changing bits of our government is difficult but I believe that we must get rid of one position and I'm convinved that this proposed mix makes sense and is balanced. If someone else has a better idea, put it up to a vote asap.
                          Agreed, but the mix you are proposing is terrible. I suggest:
                          1) Give the MoI powers to the MoDA. Makes much more sense. It will be a one line thought. Although better than your mix it is nott good enogh since it makes the MoDST work very easy compared to the others.
                          2) Eliminate the MoDST position. Giving the Science and Trade powers to the MoI; and the diplomacy powers to the president.

                          Both of the proposition i showed were are my suggestion and a would vote them. Sorry but i just dont like yours, mapfi!

                          Perhaps a unnoficial poll with the best mix would the better bfore starting such a amendment.
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                            Originally posted by Pedrunn
                            Perhaps a unnoficial poll with the best mix would the better bfore starting such a amendment.
                            I asked people what mix they would like best and you were about the only one to reply but without proposals like now.
                            Of course, we can keep on discussing over amendments, noone will take part though and not the slightest part of the problem gets solved.
                            Now we at least have some achievement and unless suddenly 3 people vote no in the next half hour this has passed and can come into effect for the next term for which nominations start tonight.
                            but feel free to post your ideas and discuss or put them up to a vote - better than doing nothing!