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Snoopy's Terrain For Ctp2

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    "3 words" Dont Give Up

    I wanna see this

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  • Maquiladora
    1. 16/24/32bit uncompressed tga's

    2. Ive attached the ctp2 terrain.txt

    3. Yep

    4. Ive almost finished converting the ctp1 terrains to use in a scenario/mod but apart from that no ones made any terrain mods AFAIK.
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  • Ekmek
    started a topic Snoopy's Terrain For Ctp2

    Snoopy's Terrain For Ctp2

    Final tilefile for version 1 is in the Ekmek Tile thread
    you can get the gtset555 and the TGAs there. Thanks for everyone's help.

    (original post follows)
    Since I'm stuck in Kuwait and cant install games I've been able to get tileedit working and started converting some of SNOOPY's terrain graphics from Civ3 for the tile files in CTP2. And since I'm not a pro at this I might need some help.

    1. I have them in Bitmaps, I think they have to be TGAs, is there a specific format etc?

    2. Is there a list of terrains so I know what to replace

    3. Anyone willing to test it once I get it compiled because I can't play and games on military computers.

    4. Are there already better Terrain graphic mods and I might as well stop this?

    I'll probably have a lot more questions later...

    attachment removed...latest at bottom of thread
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