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  • CTPII Conversion questions


    For all I know this CTP II forum may have changed greatly since I started reading it (I started at the begining)...

    All I have to say is .. Wow there were a lot of posts, questions, answers, ideas, answer re-writes ...

    Maybe someone can help me.
    I'm looking for the 'final' answers for soem of the following topics.
    If any of this does not belong in this forum, I am sorry.
    -----END DISCLAIMER HERE-------

    A group of friends and I are attempting to do a near full customization of CTP II based upon Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

    We're looking to do the following:
    1.) New Tech Tree
    2.) Custom Map
    3.) Custom Wonders
    4.) Generals - The Dragon, Amrylyn, Forsaken, etc
    5.) Custom Units - if needed.
    6.) New Civs - based off of the book

    This is what I'm looking for - and the reason for my posting here.
    Has anyone created a "So you want to Make a Mod, Scenario, Map, Tech, Civ, etc" that contained all of the info that was generated since last december?

    Each night I do some work on this project, then during the day I read more posts, and end up going home and trashing at least half of the work I did the night before because it turns out that I did something wrong.

    Will this Mod get posted somewhere when it's done? Hells yes.
    We're going to try to stick as close to the books as possible with the world being based on how it was after the 9th Book - Winter's Heart.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Well the info for making a custom map is included in the bmp2ctp2 convertor file and a revised file once you have the bmp is contained in the bmpWorld map I created.... When I get home later tonight, I'll post the method to create a custom map with the proper colouring for bmp2ctp2, conversion method, map size problems, and how to import and place start locations/settlers. Just give me a little time


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      I've been reading though your stuff in particular OmniGod.
      I don't know if my email ever got to you, but feel free to ignore it if it hasn't yet. All I asked was basically the same as above.
      No Rush, I'm off to a good start I think.

      I've been recreating the map in photoshop at a resolution of 10K X 10K so I should be able to adjust it down to whatever is nessisary when the time comes. My goal is to use a 200 X 200 in game map cause the unaltered AI should function properly correct?

      From what I've read in the archives, the map will be the easiest part. I'm frightened of the upcomming tech tree. I figured out a way (in theory) that should provide multiple indepenant 'trees' so that I can focus on the study of the 'one power' and of standard tech.

      Thanks in advance.


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