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inventing the wheel for the third time (locutus?)

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  • inventing the wheel for the third time (locutus?)

    to prevent that i go about fixing stuff that is already fixed i would like to hear about bugfixes that are not in this list.

    - The AI rarely clean up pollution even if it is ecotopian, fixed.
    - Sea city sprites bug fixed.
    - Mayors (and the AI) dont use entertainers to cure unhappines, fixed like described in by richard.
    - Increased the number of special units the AI will build like
    suggested in diplomod.
    - Increased the AI timeslice mostly like suggested by MarkG in
    - no warning when somone begins building Aristotles Lyceum, fixed as described in by Locutus.
    - tank can enter cargo helicopter bug fixed as described in by Rebel Rick
    - fixed some citynames for the Vikings, specially Stavanger that appeared twice.
    - Hotseat and PBEM buttons enabled, warning: no human-human diplomacy support.
    cant remember where or who but it was in the forum somewhere.
    - remove building from buildque when wonder that gives free buildings in all cities is build, fixed.

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    Well, as you can read in the Multiplayer forum I'm working on fixing the no human-human diplomacy problem with PBEM and Hotseat (it's been a while since I lasted posted an update, but I'm still working on it and it's beginning to shape up quite nicely, if I may say so myself). It doesn't seem like you're trying to reinvent the wheel with any of these points.
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      nice to know, i was planning on working something out with that human- human diplomacy, but since you are already on the case then ill focus elsewhere :-)