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Where can I get Apolyton Pack ?

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  • child of Thor
    welcome patrice
    Look in the thread at the top called 'Links to Important Mods and Scenarios'. Scroll down the page untill you find the Apolyton pack - just follow the instructions and things should be ok, if not people here will help out with any problems you might get.
    If you've never played CTP2 modded before you will be in for a nice surprise!

    I see a problem patrice - you will have to get the file a different way as the link above no longer works(Locutus!). You can get the Mod by doing this instead. on the 'directory' link at the very top of this page,it's between the links called 'chat' and 'news'.

    2. next click on the 'Call To Power II' link under the 'FILES' section.

    3. Next click on the 'MODS' section,you should now be at a page where you can see the file you need(It is to the right of the 'Cradle' Mod).

    4. Download the file and read the readme that comes with it - it will tell you all the additional files you will need to run the Mod.

    5. To get these other files i would use the 'directory' as above, just follow the readmes and fingers crossed!
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  • patrice
    started a topic Where can I get Apolyton Pack ?

    Where can I get Apolyton Pack ?

    And all other relevant updates ???

    Tnx for help